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Title: 空間、現地、性情── 屠隆馳馬入京所呈現的晚明側面
Other Titles: Space, On-Site, Disposition——A Profile of the Late Ming Dynasty Presented by Tu, Long's Riding a Horse to Capital
Authors: 簡錦松
Chien, Chin-sung
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 屠隆是晚明形象的先期人物之一,本文以大運河現地研究為基礎,在精準的旅行路線與日程的條件上,針對屠隆在萬曆11 年7 月,以18 天的極短時間(16 個工作天)從丹陽吳大帝陵口馳馬進入匇京之事,解說其行程始末。明人往來匇京與江南,多由大運河舟行,而屠隆多次捨舟尌陸,單騎先馳,尤以本次的高速紀錄,在所知的明人旅行中,從無先例。經由本項考察,可以發現屠隆的人格形象特質,為晚明文人與文學研究,提供一個嶄新而翔實的參考範例。
Tu, Long, one of the early figures in the late Ming Dynasty, once rode a horse from Wudadi Lingkou, Dantu, Jiangsu to Capital within only 18 days in July, Wanli 11th year. Basedon Grand Canal on-site researches and Tu's exact journey path and schedule, this paper depicts Tu's journey. Not like people in Ming Dynasty travelling between Jiangnan and Capital mostly by boat on Grand Canal, Tu rode to Capital which was an unpredecentedly high-speed in Ming. Tu's characteristic introduced from this act offers a new and detailed example for the study on literati and literature in late Ming Dynasty.
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