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Title: 吳澄《春秋纂言》中的「屬辭比事」探析
Other Titles: A Study of Words Connection and Events Arrangement in Wu, Cheng’s “Chun-Qiu Zuan-Yan”
Authors: 劉德明
Liu, De-ming
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以吳澄《春秋纂言》中之「屬辭比事」的解經方法為核心,探討其說的內容及在《春秋》學史上的意義與價值。關於吳澄的《春秋》解經方法歷來有兩種看法,一是根據吳澄的自述,言其《春秋》學深受朱熹的影響,反對一字褒貶及變例說。二則是根據《春秋纂言》的內容,其共歸納出《春秋》的七綱八十八目的書例,又其書中多頻繁引述啖助、高閌、張洽等以書例解經者之說。兩相對照,說法不同而令人有疑。本文由吳澄自述其「屬辭比事」方法的內容為核心,透過吳澄與啖助、朱熹的兩相對比,進而論述吳澄的「屬辭比事」之法。吳澄一方面受朱熹之說啟發而反對「變例」,另一方面則採取啖助歸類書例的方法以解《春秋》。但也因吳澄對於書例的堅持,所以必須對於《春秋》部份經文加改易。從《春秋》解釋史的脈絡來看,吳澄的「屬辭比事」之法,在某種程度下是結合與折衷啖助與朱熹之說,在方法學層次回應了如何詮解《春秋》的難題。
This paper is centered on Wu, Cheng’s “Chun-Qiu Zuan Yan” expressions. To explore the value and importance of this approach in the history of the Chun-Qiu.According to Wu, Cheng’s own argument, his method of interpretation by Zhu, Xi great influence. But at the same time, there are many regular expressions in the “Chun-Qiu Zuan Yan” that he sums up. These two phenomena are not consistent, there are inherent conflict. More in-depth understanding, we can find in the “Chun-Qiu Zuan Yan” there are many references by Dan, Zhu; Gao, Kang; Zhang, Qia and others view. This paper is mainly about understanding the basic position of the “Chun-Qiu Zuan Yan”, is closer to Zhu, Xi or close to Dan, Zhu. From the context of the Chun-Qiu’s interpretation of history. Wu, Cheng’s academic position is to take the views of both Zhu, Xi and Dan, Zhu.
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