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Title: 《臝蟲錄》在明代的流傳——兼論《異域志》相關問題
Other Titles: The Spread of Luo Chong Lu in Ming Dynasty --- Discussing the issues related to Yi Yu Zhi
Authors: 鹿憶鹿
Lu, Yi-lu
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 晚明建陽地區的一系列通俗日用類書中的「諸夷門」,常見有〈臝蟲錄序〉,而分成兩欄的「諸夷門」在下欄則常註明為出自《臝蟲錄》。然而,我們卻罕見關於《臝蟲錄》這本書。《四庫全書總目提要》說明天一閣所藏一卷本《異域志》為周致中所輯,原名《臝蟲錄》,而其書又與金銑所刻《異域圖志》類似。因此,本文主要探討《臝蟲錄》的流傳,並對《四庫提要》的記載提出商榷。首先是《異域志》的作者問題。根據明代藏書家的資料與正徳年間《異域志》抄本的靜明子朱楹的序言推測,寧獻王朱權應該編過此書。其次是《臝蟲錄》與《異域圖志》的關聯性,並考訂現藏劍橋大學圖書館的《異域圖志》非原來天一閣所藏版本。而《異域圖志》在明代幾乎少有學者提及,影響較大的是與此書內容雷同的《臝蟲錄》一書。我們似可斷定,《異域志》原名《臝蟲錄》,開始可能不帶圖,我們現在所見的不帶圖《異域志》似原為抄本,而帶圖的《臝蟲錄》則都為刻本,不論帶圖與否,《臝蟲錄》與《異域志》都在明代流傳,而帶圖的各種《臝蟲錄》流傳似更為普遍。
Siku Quanshu Zongmu Tiyao (also known as Siku Tiyao) explained that a volume of Yi yu zhi collected in Taiyi Ge was edited by Zhou Zhi Zhong. Originally named Luo chong lu, Yi yu zhi is also similar to Yi yu tu zhi printed by Chin Hsien. This study mainly proposed several debatable issues regarding the discourse in Siku Tiyao. Firstly, the most possible author of Yi yu zhi was presume to be Zhu Quan, Prince Ningxian based on the book collectors and the content of Yi yu zhi. Secondly, examining the relationship between Yi yu zhi and Yi yu tu zhi suggests that Yi yu tu zhi currently collected in the library of Cambridge University was different from that collected in Taiyi Ge. While Yi yu tu zhi was hardly mentioned by scholars in the Ming Dynasty, Luo chong lu, which contains similar content, was a book of greater influence. It is difficult to conclude that Luo chong lu is truly the original name of Yi yu zhi simply because two books have been frequently mentioned together by scholars. The more common version of Yi yu zhi with no graphs seems to be a handwritten copy, while Luo chong lu with graphs are all block-printed copies. Regardless of the existence of graphs, Yi yu zhi and Luo chong lu were both very widespread in the Ming Dynasty.
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