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Title: 石崇「士當身名俱泰」辨
Other Titles: The Debate on Shi Chong’s Theory –“Scholars Should Seek For Body and Fame’s Easiness”
Authors: 陳慶元
Chen, Ching-yuan
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 西晉士人奢靡之風盛,石崇以其於史料文獻中的行徑,向來被視為當時的代表性人物,其中尤以《晉書》載「士當身名俱泰」一語,更坐實了如此的形象。但細究此言之背景與形成原因,可發現所謂的「身名俱泰」說,並不宜將之單純而武斷地做為奢靡生活的露骨告白,而應與石崇個人性格心理的養成,以及西晉的政經文化環境結合,做更為深入的探討。本文認為:石崇所言之「泰」,實則包含生理和心理兩個層面的「安適」。石崇在家庭因素與西晉惡劣的政治環境中要謀求「安適」,其選擇的路徑是鞏固政經地位乃至建立文化名聲,是故以豪奢行徑彰顯經濟地位;依附權臣賈謐而組「二十四友」,以確保政治地位;再以政經實力召集文人舉行了「金谷會」,成就其文化地位。然而在政經文化地位的「現實之泰」實現後,卻因石崇追求任性重情的「內心之泰」而兩相衝突,導致自身的敗亡。見微知著,從對石崇的探討當可擴及西晉士人,進而理解在那樣的濁世中,士人的處世心態與時代意義。
Scholars in West-Jin Dynasty were known to be extravagant. Shi Chong’s behaviors in history even made him a representative figure of the time. The sentence “Scholars should seek for body and fame’s easiness”, which recorded in “The Book of Jin”, ascertained his historical image. When the background and cause of the sentence was further investigated, it was found that the so-called “both body and fame’s easiness” cannot simply be judged as Shi Chong’s self-proclamation on his extravagant life; instead further discussion should be carried out by investigating the development of Shi Chong’s personal characters as well as the correlation with the political, economical, and cultural environment. This assay thought Shi Chong’s “easiness” referred to the “comforts” in both physiological and psychological aspects. In pursuit of “easiness“ Shi Chong chose to consolidate his political and economic status, and gradually build up his cultural reputation in condition of family factor and bad political environment in West-Jin Dynasty. Therefore, he deliberately expressed his luxurious acts to manifest his economic status, attached to powerful courtier Gu Mi, and formed “Twenty-Four Friends Community” to ascertain his political status, and hosted the “Jin-Gu-Hui” to build up his cultural status by gathering scholars. Nevertheless, when the “realistic easiness” was accomplished, Shi Chong’s “internal easiness” was challenged by his personal characteristics of alwaysbeing capricious and emotional. Such conflicts caused his failure and death. A straw shows which way the wind blows,the discussion of Shi Chong can also be inferred to all other scholars in West-Jin Dynasty for a further study to comprehend how West-Jin scholars dealt with the reality while living in such a chaos world and to know the significance in Chinese history.
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