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Title: 從〈信芳閣自題八圖〉題辭和《信芳閣詩草》 看清代女詩人陳蘊蓮的自我定位
Other Titles: A Study on Self-orientation of the Female Poet, Chen, Yun-lian, in the Qing Dynasty from the Perspective of Inscriptions of “Xinfang Pavilion Self-inscription of Eight Paintings” and “Poetry Drafts from the Xinfang Pavilion”
Authors: 卓清芬
Cho, Ching-fen
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 清代女詩人陳蘊蓮(1799-1869)於其詩集《信芳閣詩草》卷五後附刻〈信芳閣自題八圖〉的跋語,從婚姻生活中揀選了八個片段作畫並寫下圖跋,展現了女詩人自我抉擇/自我再現其生命歷程的重大意義。本文從〈信芳閣自題八圖〉的題辭,結合其《信芳閣詩草》、《信芳閣詩餘》等詩詞作品、夫家宗譜、親族墓誌銘等相關資料考訂陳蘊蓮的生卒年、家庭背景和生平行誼,並逐首剖析陳蘊蓮帶有強烈的自覺/自傳性質的〈信芳閣自題八圖〉題辭內容,透過八跋和相關的詩詞作品,探討陳蘊蓮自我型塑的角色定位及個人生命的價值與意義。
The female poet, Chen,Yun-lian (1799-1869), in the Qing Dynasty added the short comments “Xinfang Pavilion Self-inscription of Eight Paintings” to Volume V of her poetry collection “Poetry Drafts from the Xinfang Pavilion.” She picked eight images from her marriage life to paint them and write the inscriptions, which reflected the important meanings of female poet’s self-choice and self-reappearance of life process.This study investigated relevant data, such as inscriptions of “Xinfang Pavilion Self-inscription of Eight Paintings,” poetry works, such as “Poetry Drafts from the Xinfang Pavilion” and “Poetry from the Xinfang Pavilion,” husband family’s genealogy, and epitaphs of clans to identify the year of birth and death, family background, and life stories of Chen,Yun-lian. Moreover, this study also analyzed the content of inscriptions of “Xinfang Pavilion Self-inscription of Eight Paintings” with a strong nature of self-consciousness/ autobiography of Chen,Yun-lian one by one. This study investigated the self-shaped role and orientation, as well as personal life value and meaning of Chen,Yun-lian through eight short comments and relevant poetry works.
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