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Title: 新移民女性參與休閒性身體活動之影響因素研究
Research on the Factors Related to Leisure-time Physical Activities among Marriage Immigrants
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-May-2013
Publisher: 臺灣運動教育學會
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解新移民女性的休閒性身體活動經驗並探討影響身體活動的決定性因素。據此,研究者針對四位大陸籍、四位越南籍以與兩位印尼籍外籍配偶進行多次深度訪談。研究結果顯示受訪者昀常從事的活動分別為走路、爬山、游泳與仰臥起坐以及騎單車。雖然原住國文化經驗使受訪者對於「休閒」或「健康促進」論述抱持不同觀感,影響其身體活動之意涵,但在跨國遷徙的適應過程中,受訪者的身體活動實踐與現居地生活條件緊密連結,其工作型態、家庭責任以及身體機能反而成為現階段影響休閒性身體活動的關鍵要素。根據上述研究發現,研究結論處建議休閒規劃者推動收費低廉但強調親友團聚或社區發展的活動方案,提升地方基礎建設的應用價值。
The purpose of this research was to explore the experiences and factors related to leisure-time physical activities among marriage immigrants. To this end, in-depth interview was conducted on four marriage immigrants from Mainland China, four from Vietnam, and two from Indonesia. The research findings showed that walking, mountain-hiking, swimming and sit-ups, and bike-riding were the physical activities that informants participated in most often. As for the factors influencing their participation decisions, although past cultural experiences had in some way affected informants’ attitudes toward leisure, health promotion, and physical activities, however, as time moved on, the influences of past cultural experiences declined, and the living condition at current stage including working condition, duties for the family and personal health became the most critical factors influencing informants’ participation in physical activities. Based on research findings, it was suggested that leisure providers should make good use of existing local infrastructures to organize low-cost physical activity programs, with emphasis on family getting together as well as community development.
ISSN: 1991-1513
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0108_01_037
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