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Title: 臺北市高中體育教師領導風格與班級氣氛對體育課學習動機之影響
Effects of High School Teacher's Leadership Style and Classroom Climate on Student's Motivation of Attending Physical Education Class in Taipei City
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2013
Publisher: 中華民國體育學會
Abstract: 目的:探討高中體育教師領導風格與班級氣氛對體育課學習動機之影響。方法:以臺北市高中生為研究對象,並以「高中體育教師領導風格量表」、「高中體育課學習動機量表」、「高中體育課班級氣氛量表」進行調查研究,有效問卷計640份,再以多元逐步迴歸分析法進行資料分析。結果:一、教師支持、親和、魅力、智能啟發可正向預測內在動機;二、教師支持、放任式領導、個別關懷可正向預測認同調節;三、魅力、個別關懷、投入可正向預測內射調節;四、放任式領導、消極介入管理可正向預測無動機。結論:臺北市體育教師個別關懷、魅力、智能啟發之領導風格,以及教師支持、親和、投入的班級氣氛有助於正向影響學生的自主性動機型態;放任式領導、消極介入管理則可正向影響學生非自主性動機型態。臺北市高中體育教師如欲提昇學生體育課學習動機,除塑造魅力與關懷的領導風格外,更應營造積極與融洽的班級氣氛。
Purpose: To investigate the effects of high school teacher's leadership style, classroom climate on student's motivation of attending PE class. Methods: The participants of this study were sampled from senior high and vocational school students in Taipei City through cluster sampling in 2012 academic year (N = 640, male = 304, female = 336). All the participants completed a questionnaire that included PE Classroom Climate Scale, PE Class Motivation Scale and PE Teacher Leadership Style Scale. The collected data were analyzed by Pearson correlation analysis, Stepwise regression analyses methods. Results: 1. Teacher's support, Closeness, charismatic leadership and intellectual stimulation could positively predict intrinsic motivation; 2. Teacher's support, laissez-faire leadership and individualized leadership could positively predict identified regulation; 3. Charismatic leadership, individualized leadership and affiliation could positively predict introjected regulation; 4. Laissez-faire leadership and passive management by exception could positively predict amotivation. Conclusion: Based on the finding of the study, it was concluded that PE teacher's individualized leadership, charismatic leadership, intellectual stimulation leadership style and teacher's support, Closeness, affiliation classroom climate were the important factors on student's motivation of attending PE Class. To sum up, PE teacher who wish to evaluate student's motivation of attending PE Class, not only should they shape charismatic and individualized leadership style, but also need to create positive and harmonious class climate.
ISSN: 1024-7297
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