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Title: 標槍投擲之生物力學分析與模擬
Biomechanical analysis and simulation of javelin throw
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 目的:第一年探討標槍投擲的上肢生物力學反應;第二年以電腦模擬分析標槍投擲的 上肢生物力學;第三年比較不同層級選手標槍投擲之生物力學差異。方法:第一年以 二台高速攝影機拍攝六位大專甲組選手投擲標槍動作,配合肌電圖記錄肌肉活化程 度,分析投擲過程中上肢三維運動學與動力學資料及肌肉活化情形;第二年以人體生 物力學動態模擬與分析系統(AnyBody),搭配第一年所量測的三維運動學與動力學資料 建立與修正上肢的骨骼肌肉模型,以該模型評估投擲過程中各肌肉(無法直接測量)的活 化狀態,並可以該模型預估訓練處方之功效;第三年則以一台高速攝影機拍攝投擲動 作搭配第二年所建立的骨骼肌肉模型,分析六名高中與六名大學甲組選手標槍投擲的 三維運動學與動力學資料,作為擬定訓練計畫強化技術參考。
Purposes: To evaluate the biomechanics of the upper limb during javelin throw in the 1st year; to analyze the biomechanics of the upper limb during javelin throw by computer simulation in the 2nd year; and to compare the biomechanical differences between elites in different levels during javelin throw in the 3rd year. Methods: In the 1st year, two high speed cameras and the electromyography will be used to monitor and record the movements and the muscle activation of the 6 collegiate elites during javelin throw, respectively. The data will be used to analyze the 3D kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activities during throwing. In the 2nd year, the kinematics and kinetics from the first year will be used to build and modify the musculoskeletal model of the upper extremity byAnyBody software. The muscle activation, which could not be measured directly, will be evaluated by this musculoskeletal model. The established model will also be used to predict the effects of the training course. In the 3rd year, the movements of throwing captured by a high speed camera will be used as inputs of the musculoskeletal model built in the second year to examine the 3D kinematics and kinetics of 6 collegiate and 6 senior high school elites during javelin throw. The data from this year will be used for training course to better performance.
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