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dc.description.abstract排球運動盛行於世界各地,一場精彩的比賽在於雙方不斷進行進攻與防守的動作,而攔網是防守技巧中的第一道防線,近年來隨著技術與規則的提升與改變,攔網不再只是用於防守的技巧,同時也兼具有主動攻擊的技術。 攔網不僅是起跳及空中的動作重要,落地的動作技巧也十分重要,因為長期從事排球運動需不斷執行跳躍落地的動作,頻繁的落地動作往往會造成人體下肢的傷害,因此,有效的減緩落地造成對身體的衝擊是十分重要的。從過去的研究中得知,女性和男性在落地動作中的策略存在著差異,且女性也有較高的受傷機率。然而,在比賽中大多數在執行攔網動作前都會進行側向的位移,因此本研究透過攔網落地動作的運動學及動力學參數,以探討女性和男性在執行不同方向攔網落地動作上的差異,藉此了解攔網落地動作的重要性。 本研究擬以12名女性及12名男性為研究對象,以十台Vicon紅外線攝影機 (250Hz)及兩塊測力板 (1000Hz)收集不同方向攔網落地之運動學與動力學的資料。動作要求實驗參與者執行原地及向左、向右併步攔網落地的動作,分別收取三次成功的資料,使用Visual 3D動作分析軟體進行運動學及動力學資料的處理,並採用混合設計二因子變異數分析進行處理。預期找出落地動作的差異性,並期望能提供預防落地動作傷害之貢獻。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe sport of volleyball is popular all over the world. In a great competition that was included constant offensive movements and defensive movements. Block is the first line of defense in the defensive skill. In recent years, the techniques were promoted and rules were changed. Volleyball block is not only a defensive skill, but has an offensive skill. The volleyball block techniques which including take off, flight, and landing phase are very important. Volleyball players have to perform constantly jumping and landing movement in the training and competition. The frequently landing movement in volleyball training and competition may increase lower extremity injuries. Therefore, it was important of reducing the ground impact more efficiently during landing. In the previous study, it was existed different landing strategies between females and males, and female volleyball players have a higher injury rate than male players. Many volleyball players perform the lateral movement before most of block techniques. The purpose of this study is to investigate the kinematics and kinetics difference between female and male volleyball players that perform block after lateral movement, and understand the important variable of block landing movement. Twelve females and 12 males will be recruited from the university volleyball team. Ten Vicon cameras (250Hz) and two force plates (1000Hz) will be synchronized to collect kinematics and kinetics data during block landing. All participants will be required to perform upward block, right and left side step block. Three successful trials will be collected, and Visual 3D software will be used to calculate kinematic and kinetic parameters. All variables will be tested by mixed design of two-way ANOVA. It will expect to find difference in the block landing movement, and provide a major contribution to understand volleyball block skill and prevent injuries of landing.en_US
dc.titleBiomechanical Analysis of Volleyball Block Landingen_US
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