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Title: 呼吸肌訓練對女性划船選手訓練效果之探討
The Effects of 5 Weeks of Inspiratory Muscle Training on the Rowing Performance of Female Athletes.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2006
Publisher: 臺灣運動生理暨體能學會
Abstract: 呼吸肌訓練為近年來新興的訓練法,過去研究指出此訓練有助於呼吸道患者的肺功能,但國內少有將呼吸肌訓練法應用於運動員的體能表現上,本文旨在探討五週呼吸肌訓練法對於女性西式划船選手對划船運動表現之影響。方法:以10名女性西式划船選手(平均年齡21.80±1.5,訓練年齡至少五年以上)為受試對象,配對後隨機分配至控制組與實驗組,實驗組以呼吸肌訓練器(POWERbreathe,UK)密集地進行共5週,一週7天,一天2次,一次30下之呼吸肌訓練,五週後進行組別交換並重複實驗。呼吸肌訓練前後的運動表現(5000公尺與6分鐘全力划成績)以室內划船測功儀測量,並評估其呼吸自覺。結果:所得資料以二因子混合設計比較訓練前後測驗成績的進步比率。結果發現:1. 呼吸肌訓練後5000公尺測驗成績(1286.01秒±53.00 秒)顯著優於訓練前(1319.96秒±56.66) (p <.05)。2. 呼吸肌訓練後6分鐘全力划成績(1513.5公尺±60.49)顯著優於訓練前(1479.9公尺±44.35,p <.05)。3. 呼吸肌訓練後,選手在較激烈的運動中,呼吸自覺努力程度不增,顯示改善效果。五週密集呼吸肌訓練能提升女性划船選手的5000公尺與6分鐘全力划運動表現。
The inspiratory-muscle training is a new developed training method and it is beneficial for the respiratory-hindered patients. However, it is rarely used for the athletes to observe the potential to improve the performance. Purpose: This research was to investigate the effects of 5 weeks inspiratory muscle training on the rowing performance of female rowing athletes. Methods: There were 10 female competitive rowing athletes were recruited as the subjects. They were paired and randomly assigned to training group and control group. The training group athletes were trained for 5 weeks, 7 days per week, 2 times each day, 30 breaths each time with breathing mouth pieces (POWERbreathe,UK). After 5 weeks of training, the subjects were cross over and repeated the same process. The 5000 meters rowing trial performance and 6 minutes all-out (on rowing machine) and the rowing perceived scales were assessed before and after 5 weeks of training. The collecting data were analyzed by mixed-ANOVA. Results: 1.The 5000 meters after 5 weeks of inspiratory muscle training was significantly improved from 1319.96 seconds to 1286.01 seconds (p <.05)。2. The 6 min all-out (1513.5 m)after 5 weeks training was significantly better than the previous one (1479.9m) (p <.10)。3. The training subjects had better respiratory feeling during exercise.Conclusion: The Training Effect on Rowing Performance of 5000m and 6 min all-out can be improved with 5 weeks of Inspiratory muscle training.
ISSN: 1815-638X
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_F0102_01_077
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