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Title: 「身」存之道:體適能檢測與臺灣身體文化之建構(1895-2010)
The "Physical " Way of Life:Physical Fitness Testing and the Construction of Taiwan$s Physical Culture
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 從第一年度初步整理的研究成果顯示,體適能檢測代表了體育運動的基本能力表現,也同時是政府重要的體育運動政策之一。臺灣自日治時期起,已有類似現今「體適能檢測」的制度,這些不同階段密集且接續開展的體適能檢測,其形成和出發的動機或不一致,但都對身體改造產生很大的影響。從日治時期「國民體力法」的公布開始,已試圖將衡量個人身體和體力的檢查,施以科學的「標準化」模式。到了戰後初期的體能測驗,再到現在以健康為取向的體適能檢測,均不約而同地將體適能檢測置於國家體制之中,希冀透過「檢測」的方式,提升國民的體力,甚至成為進行分類和評價國民體力的有效工具。日治時期國民體力法的實施,尚待進一步研究,但戰後,先於救國團進行體適能測驗和推廣活動,教育單位較有系統的推動,是為了消弭升學主義對學生身體發展造成不良影響的1970年代左右。1990年代之後,教育單位重新重視健康體能計畫,制定多項政策,體適能項目轉為「健康體能」,項目減少,難度降低,也標示了國家對國民的健康的要求,然而,體適能檢測也被塑造成為一種「等級化」、「測量化」的形象,是其隱憂。經過第一年(實際僅10個月)的初步整理,待解決課題還有很多,例如體適能相關史料的面向龐大,仍或釐清「檢測」在身體面向、體育面向的角色,以及賦予的意義所在。另外,殖民現代性這個歷史縱向發展的問題,也是值得深思的課題,試圖解讀日本在台期間殖民現代性隱藏的意涵,也是本研究計畫的主要目標之一。
As we can tell from the historical development from the physical strength certificate/medal qualifying examination during the period of Japanese rule through the postwar physical skill testing, and then to the current physical fitness testing, all of these forms of testing represent the manifestation of basic capabilities in physical education and sports, as well as one of the important policies of the government. The National Physical Law was indistinct during the Japanese occupation. But, in 1953, China Youth Corps (CYC) carried out the first time of physical fitness test and promotion. The education unit of the government did not start such systematical action until 1970. It was for reducing the bad influences to the students’ physical development caused by credentialism. Graduates were asked to take physical fitness tests, and some would be random tested. After 1990, the education unit paid much attention to physical fitness again, making policies. Physical fitness changed from ’sports related fitness’ to ’health related fitness’. Items and difficulties were decreased. It stipulates the standard of students’ bodies and health. physical fitness medal, student physical fitness passport and physical fitness tests were made to be the policies, molding physical fitness a rankized and measurized image. Physical fitness became PE teachers’ unavoidable job. Thus, the PE is easily replaced by physical education.
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