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Title: 適應體育之先河:1973年「國中肢體殘障學童體育實施方案」研究實驗之運作
The Paragon of Adapted Physical Activity: The Operation of "The Scheme of Special Physical Education in Junior High School" in 1973
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學體育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: 臺灣身體文化學會
Abstract: 「國中肢體殘障學童體育實施方案」研究實驗是臺灣第一次大規模由政府推動肢體障礙學生的適應體育教學活動,可謂適應體育之先河。本文採用歷史研究法,探討該實施方案研究實驗的運作情形及其所造成的影響。1950至1960年代小兒麻痺症的大流行造成數以萬計的幼童肢體障礙,在九年義務教育實施後,大量肢體障礙學生進入學校就讀,開展本研究的時代背景。研究發現:教育廳針對肢體障礙學生的學校體育相關問題,於1973年委託陳在頤教授進行「國中肢體殘障學童體育實施方案」的研究實驗,經過一系列的實驗工作,最後舉辦全國性的教學觀摩。經由「國中肢體殘障學童體育實施方案」研究實驗的推行,催生出「國民(初級)中學體育特別班實施計畫」,影響體育特別班的設立,讓肢體障礙的學生能享受體育教學的浸沐,為肢體障礙學童生命開啟新的契機。
"The Scheme of Special Physical Education in Junior High School," carried out by government, was designed to get Adapted Physical Activity going. Thus, it could be called the fist paragon of the Adapted Physical Activity. Based on historical research, the essay aimed at probing into both the operation and the effect of the scheme. In 1950s to 1960s there were tens of thousands of physically disabled kids owing to the widespread post-polio syndrome. Besides, after the impetus of Nine-Year Compulsory Education, the rate of school enrolment of special students increased massively. And the above backgrounds brought out this research. Aimed at school PE for physically disabled students, the department of education authorized Adviser Chen, Zai-Yi to proceed the study experiment of "The Scheme of Special Physical Education in Junior High School" in 1973. After a series of experimental tasks, it came out with a nationwide teaching demonstration. The practice of "The Scheme of Special Physical Education in Junior High School" led to "The Program of Special Physical Class in Junior High School" which brought out the establishment of special classes, helped physically disabled students enjoy PE courses, and created more opportunities for them.
ISSN: 1817-6690
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