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Title: 唆魯禾帖尼生卒年壽及其相涉史事
Other Titles: A Study on the Dates of the Mongol Princess Sorqaγtani Beki’s Birth and Death and Other Relative Issues
Authors: 許正弘
Hsu, Cheng-hung
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 拖雷正妻唆魯禾帖尼是蒙元史上最重要人物之一,其人其事受到近代學者的關注。不過,她的生卒年壽史料星散而有疑,特別是生年及其年壽問題,相關論著不曾解決,只能付之闕如,頗俟探究。本文首先依據《元史》與波斯文文獻直接而明確的記載,確定她卒於1252 年正月。其次輯釋卒年相涉史事四則,包括「命取金銀」、「清算政敵」、「接見竇默」與「奉安甘州」, 提出疑義, 試作考辨與疏通。最後著重討論有關生年的兩條材料,推定她生於1199 年。從確定的卒年與推定的生年可知,唆魯禾帖尼享年五十四歲。生卒年壽既定,重新審視她的生平事跡,年歲因素值得納入考量。
Sorqaγtani Beki, wife of Činggis Qan’s fourth son Tolui, was one of the most important figures in the Yuan Dynasty. However the problems with the dates of her birth and death remain to be solved. This paper investigates some literature and comes to a conclusion that Sorqaγtani Beki was born in 1199 and died in 1252 when she was 54 years old. It also asserts that the age factor is significant to re-examine the life and deeds of the noble lady. In addition, other issues related to her death are taken into consideration, too.
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