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Titel: 完美主義與英語寫作焦慮之關係初探: 以數理資優高中女生為例
Autoren: Yung-nan Chiang
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-2012
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學英語系
Department of English, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: 以往的研究顯示,不同構面的完美主義與各種的負面情緒以及第二語言口語焦慮相關。然而,這些研究結果可能不適用於第二語言寫作焦慮,因為研究發現第二語言寫作焦慮不僅和其他非第二語言的焦慮不同,也和第二語言口語焦慮不同。因此,本研究以156位數理資優高中女生為對象,探討完美主義和英語寫作焦慮的關係。研究的結果顯示,整體的完美主義與整體寫作焦慮和它的兩個構面有顯著的正相關。除了父母期望和個人標準這兩個構面外,類似的結果也出現在完美主義的其他構面中。根據研究結果,作者討論如何在教學上降低不同類型完美主義的學生的寫作焦慮,並對未來的研究方向提出了建議。
Previous studies suggest that different dimensions of perfectionism show differential relationships with various types of negative affect as well as second language (L2) speaking anxiety. However, these findings might not be applicable to L2 writing anxiety, which has been found to be distinct not only from other non-L2-related anxieties, but also from L2 speaking anxiety. Therefore, the present study examined the relationships between multidimensional perfectionism and L2 writing anxiety in a sample of 156 mathematics-and-science-gifted high school girls. The results showed that overall perfectionism had significant positive relationships with overall writing anxiety and two of its dimensions. In addition, similar patterns of association with different facets of writing anxiety were found for three out of the five dimensions of perfectionism examined in this study. Pedagogical implications for dealing with anxious L2 writers with different dimensions of perfectionism are discussed and directions for future research are suggested.
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