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Title: 跨校維基協同寫作計畫
Other Titles: EFL College Student Perceptions, Engagement, and Writing Developments in a Wiki-Based Interuniversity Collaborative Writing Project
Authors: 李筱倩
Hsiao-chien Lee, Pei-ling Wang
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本文報導了台灣兩所大學進行跨校wiki 協同寫作之研究內容與結果。共有100 位分別來自此兩所大學的大二學生利用維基網頁與小組成員共同完成線上英文繪本。本研究之目的在於檢視參與學生對此學習活動之心得看法、他們的參與情況、及這些學生在參與此活動後之英文寫作發展。研究資料及數據包括學生填答之問卷、wiki 網頁上之編輯紀錄、以及學生參與此活動前及活動後之英文寫作成績。研究結果顯示:學生對於這項學習活動的整體評價是正向的;他們尤其喜愛能有此機會與同儕合作。然而,學生們也發現這項寫作活動具有挑戰性,特別是在協商共同的工作時間及達到一致的看法上有諸多困難。而造成學生在參與此寫作活動時投入程度不同的主要原因,在於每位學生的英文能力有異: 通常英文程度較佳的學生多從事英文編寫的任務,而對於英文寫作較不嫻熟的學生則提供繪本的故事內容創意及版面編排。整體而言,學生因為經常的寫作練習及同儕的互助批改,而在英文寫作能力上有所提升。
This paper reports a study of a wiki-based collaborative writing project conducted between two Taiwanese universities. A total of 100 sophomore students from two English writing classes used the wiki with group members to collaboratively produce online picture books. The aims of the study were to examine studentperception, their engagement in the project, and their overall writing development. Various sources of data, including the questionnaires, archived changes of wiki pages, and pre- and postproject essay writing scores were collected and analyzed. The results showed that students’ general opinions toward the projectwere positive. Students particularly appreciated the experience of collaborating with peers. However, the students found it challenging to negotiate a common work schedule and to reach group agreement. Students’ engagement in the collaborative writing project varied, due in large part to their diverse English proficiency levels. Specifically, more proficient English writers appeared to be more engaged in the writing tasks, while less proficient writers tended to contribute by offering story ideas and arranging layouts. In the end, students’ writing skills on average improved more as a result of the frequent writing practice and peer editing tasks, rather than from the completion of the online picture books.
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