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Title: 寓學於戲
Other Titles: Drama as a Learning Vehicle: Using an Educational Drama Approach in a Fifth Grade English Class
Authors: 張麗玉
Li-Yu Chang
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以故事為基礎的教育戲劇,對於兒童英語學習所產生的影響。為瞭解教育戲劇在國小課堂教學應用的實際狀況,以及學生的學習情形,研究者以《小紅帽》和《自私的巨人》兩則故事為主軸,結合「以過程為導向」的戲劇活動,設計包含對話、短文、歌曲、短詩、書信等教學內容之英語課程,於新北市某國小五年級班級進行一學期的教學行動研究。包括學生問卷、訪談、書寫作品、觀察者訪談、研究者教學日誌等資料分析顯示,教育戲劇能提昇學生的課堂參與,讓不同英語程度的學生各有所發揮。研究者根據教學過程之省思與研究結果,提出教學建議,作為有興趣將戲劇活動融入國小英語教學的教師參考。
The research is aimed at exploring what impacts educational drama, based on stories, makes on children’s English learning. To understand how educational drama can be practically applied to the elementary school classrooms and how students learn under such contexts, the researcher, first, merged two stories, Little Red Riding Hood and the Selfish Giant, with process-oriented drama activities to design an English course including dialogues, short story texts, songs, chants, poems, letters, etc, and then taught it to a fifth grade class in New Taipei City. The study was of one semester’s duration, and Action Research was used as the method of the inquiry. The data the researcher gathered from students’questionnaires, interviews, as well as their creative writing pieces, along with the observer’s interviews and the researcher’s teaching journals, demonstrate that educational drama can increase students’ class participation and offer students with different language proficiencies a chance to succeed in doing what they are excellent at. Finally, the researcher also made recommendations, derived from the reflections and the findings of the study, for those elementary school teachers who are keen to incorporate drama activities into their English curriculum.
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