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Title: 一個英語寫作教師對其評語信念之自我質性研究
Other Titles: An EFL Writing Teacher’s Beliefs about Feedback: A Self-Study
Authors: Hui-Tzu Min
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在此自我質性研究中,我反省檢視自己在某學期教寫作課時,對寫作評語信念之發展與變化。經由事後檢視我所寫之省思手札及學習日誌,並將紀錄之內容與對學生作文所寫之評語加以比較分析,結果顯示:我的教育背景、教學、及專業經驗影響自身對寫作評語的信念。此信念在這三種因素交互作用之下,於學期始末有所變化:從一開始只專注解決學生寫作問題、進而了解幫助學生解決寫作問題時,亦須注意學生寫作意圖與感受;最後意識到我的評語不應只偏重傳授西方論文寫作思維模式,亦須幫助學生了解,在英文寫作時使用慣用之中文寫作策略,可能會產生負面效果。此一信念變化,在實際操作層面上,困難度大增。原因在於:我於學期末對評語的信念,在宣告性知識層次面太過複雜,且個人尚缺乏程序性知識,將複雜的信念以程序化方式來執行。我在論文結尾中並討論此自我研究在理念性、方法性、及教學性等層面之意涵。
In this self-study, I reported my beliefs and practices in giving comments to students in a semester-long academic writing class at a university in Taiwan. An examination of my reflection journal, learning log, and written comments reveals that my educational, practical, and professional experiences interacted to shape my beliefs about giving feedback. A discernible change is noted—from procedural matters to interpersonal relationships to cultural aspects of commenting. With these changes in belief, I experienced increasing difficulty in putting them into practice. These difficulties are partly due to the complex declarative knowledge inherent in the beliefs and partly due to my lack of corresponding procedural knowledge to implement them. I conclude this study by discussing its ideological, methodological, and pedagogical implications.
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