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Title: 撒烏瓦知河岸部落的族群認同、社會資本與部落發展
Other Titles: Ethnic Identities, Social Capital and Tribal Development of Tribes of Riverbanks
Authors: 張德永
Te-Yung Chang
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究所關注的是大漢溪流域阿美族部落的族群認同特性、社會資本與組織互動型態,以及部落發展情形。進一步言之,本研究以桃園地區大漢溪流域阿美族的撒烏瓦知(Sa’owac)部落為主要研究個案,探討其族群認同之內涵、社會資本之特質以及部落發展之具體樣貌。換言之,本研究探討撒烏瓦知部落形成的過程,並試圖從其部落參與、人際互動以及互惠組織等特質,檢視其在社會資本方面內涵與特質,因此乃從宗教信仰、傳統習俗、族群文化認同,以及生計模式等四個面向加以深入分析。本研究以文獻探討法、理論詮釋分析法以及深入訪談法為主,並得到有關撒烏瓦知部落的宗教信仰、傳統習俗、族群文化認同,以及生計模式等四大項結論以及相關建議。
This study focuses on the ethic identity, social capital and tribal development of Dahanxi Riverbanks. In other words, the study aims at exploring ethic identity, social capital and tribal development of Amis tribes (urban indigenous tribes) at Dahanxi Riverbanks. Based on tribe (community) participation, interpersonal interaction and reciprocal organizations, we could examine the contents and differences of social capital of aboriginal people and future tribal developments also. The methods of this study are including of literature review, theory interpret and in-depth interview. The conclusions of the study are discussed from four dimensions of religious worship, traditional folks, ethnic & cultural identities, and survival pattern of Amis tribes.
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