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Title: 環境災害重建的後政治民粹主義:臺東縣之個案研究
Other Titles: Post-Political Populism in the Disaster Recovery of Environmental Hazards: Case Study of Taitung County
Authors: 王文誠
Wen-Cheng Wang
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 為回應對全球環境議題的關懷,本研究就空間治理的脈絡,檢驗自然環境災害過後,重建的「政治性」空間。每當環境災害後,媒體傳播災難畫面,隨即大量的經費投入重建「災區」;沒有太多的土地規劃討論、沒有太多的土地使用適宜性分析、也沒有太多的政策評估、更沒有環境影響評估來探討和審議「重建」對環境的衝擊。這樣的災後重建,某些程度上呈現出一種所謂「後政治」的狀況。對於「抵抗環境災害」採取一致性認同的策略,超越中央地方尺度、超越黨派對立,強調「救災」共識的凝聚與建構。並且,據此動員國家、企業、居民、社區團體及專家學者參與重建。本文受到當下「後政治」學者的啟發,以臺東縣做為災後重建的個案研究,透過現地考察及訪談的田野經驗,就後政治狀況和民粹主義交織的架構,配置在重建過程的計畫與實踐,討論災後重建如何型塑「後政治民粹主義」的特定編排。亦即,由於水泥工程中介所挪用的國家資本;新自由主義在國家動員市場的機制中愈加鞏固;以及,國家透過政策的介入,無論在法令、預算、和土地使用的權力上,提供共識政治的建構。
Under the global concerns on the environmental hazards over the context of spatial governance, this study aims to explore the space of ‘the political’ in the disaster recovery of environmental hazards. Inspired by the post-political researchers, with consensual representation and the issues of the emergence and consolidation of post political conditions in political-spatial theory. This study reviews the contemporary ‘post-political’ Zeitgeist as the theoretical framework to examine the political implications on environmental hazards. Empirical data collected via onsite observation and face-to-face interviews to stakeholders, aim to analyze the post-political choreography after the environmental hazards, to discuss how to shape, in terms of the disaster recovery, a specific arrangement of the ‘post-political populism’. They are, firstly, it invokes the state capital as intermediary of cement constructions; secondly neo-liberal government mobilizes consolidation in the market mechanism; and finally, the intervention of state policies by providing the act, the budget, and the power of land-use to form a consensus constitution.
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