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Title: 日本地理教育中的災害整備
Other Titles: Disaster Preparedness in Geography Education in Japan
Authors: 井田仁康
Yoshiyasu IDA
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 日本地理教育包括國中的社會領域及高中地理課均強調災害整備教育,尤其是在2011 年東日本大地震災害後,日本更加注重災害整備教育,課程內容著重如何判讀災害地圖及製作災害整備圖。當學生遇到重大災難時,他們必需根據地圖及知識去進行判斷、決策及行動,以保護他們自己並幫助其他人們。這些能力必須在中學地理教育中學會,日本地理課程即試圖去提升這些能力。另一方面,有一些災區並未完全復原,部份學生在學習上也遭遇困難,因為他們經歷過海嘯、房舍傾倒、淹水流失及悲慘記憶等,以致於腦海中時常顯現受創場景,在學校中很難教導他們災害這件事。
The geography education of Japan had emphasized disaster preparedness education in Social Studies-junior high school and Geography-senior high school from the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster past of 2011. After 2011, this disaster preparedness education has more important in education in Japan. The contents which are more important are how to read disaster map and to making the map for disaster preparedness. When students encounter big disasters, they need to judge, decision making and act based on the map, knowledge, for protect their selves and for helping other people. These abilities must be educated by school geography education. Geography curriculum in Japan tries to raise these abilities. On the other hand, there are some area where is not revival. In addition, some students have a big trouble. They have the trauma flashbacking the scenes that they have experienced the disasters such as Tsunami, broking houses, carrying everything by water and sad memories. It is difficult to teach disaster for them at school.
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