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Title: 工作記憶和外語能力的相互作用
Other Titles: Interaction of Working Memory Capacity and Foreign Language Proficiency
Authors: 楊碧藍
Pi-Lan Yang
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 在工作記憶裡,儲存和處理能力的拉鋸關係事先推測了工作記憶和(外)語言能力的相互作用。本研究的結果發現支持這個推論。以英語為外語的三十位台灣大學生兩組和三十位英語母語人士作為比較組,參與了這個研究實驗。英語中級組的學生,多益成績介於405 到595 分之間,平均473 分。而高級組學生的多益成績,則介於695 到905 分之間,平均761 分。兩組大學生分別接受中文和英文的閱讀間距測量,而英語人士只測量英文的閱讀間距。實驗結果顯示,中級組學生的中英文閱讀間距測量結果有著顯著差異。但高級組學生的測量結果,僅存著些微差距。另外就英文閱讀間距測量結果來看,母語人士顯著地比高級組的大學生表現好,而高級組大學生的表現又比中級組的大學生顯著地好。
The trade-off nature of storage and processing functions in working memory presupposes that working memory capacity interacts with (foreign) language proficiency. The findings of this study support this hypothesis. Two groups of 30 Taiwanese university students studying English as a foreign language (EFL) and a comparison group of 30 native English speakers participated. The mid-proficiency learner group had TOEIC scores ranging from 405-595, with a mean of 473. The high-proficiency learner group had TOEIC scores ranging from 695 to 905, with a mean of 761. The learner groups were tested on reading span tasks in Chinese and English whereas native speakers were tested only in English. The results show a significant difference in reading span between Chinese and English for mid-proficiency learners, but only a negligible difference for high-proficiency learners. Regarding the reading span task in English, native speakers were significantly better than high-proficiency learners, who were significantly better than mid-proficiency learners.
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