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Title: 名詞組左緣結構:漢語觀點詞組
Other Titles: The Left Periphery of Nominal Expressions: Perspective Phrase in Mandarin Chinese
Authors: 蔡慧瑾
Hui-Chin Joyce Tsai
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: 英語學系
Department of English, NTNU
Abstract: 漢語使用詞素「前」,以「前+數量詞+量詞+名詞」,也就是「前三位英國首相」的形式表達英語 ‘the first three prime ministers’ 的語意。此結構為直示表達語(deictic expression),可表達「絕對觀點」與「相對觀點」兩種語意。我假設「前」帶有「觀點特徵」 ([Perspective]feature),引介「觀點變數」(Point-of-View variable),此變數受說話者或內在主角(internal protagonist) 所約束,分別產生「相對語意」與「絕對語意」。此分析證明名詞組與句子結構平行,皆可投射與篇章相關的句法結構,即「觀點詞組」(Perspective Phrase)。
Mandarin Chinese utilizes the morpheme qian ‘front’ in the [qian + Num + Cl + N] sequence (henceforth the qian phrase) to express the counterpart of the English phrase the first three prime ministers. The qian phrase is a deictic expression which may assume two different readings expressing ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ points of view. I therefore argue that qian possesses a [Perspective] feature which introduces a Point-of-View variable (henceforth POV), which may be bound by the speaker or by an internal protagonist. If the POV variable is bound by the speaker, it results in a relative reading; if it is bound by an internal protagonist, it returns an absolute reading. This analysis suggests that nominal phrases are parallel to clauses in having a syntactic projection with pragmatically relevant features (i.e. the Perspective Phrase).
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