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Title: 臺灣地區中小學理財教育課程綱要建構之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Construction of Financial Education Curricula Frameworks for Taiwanese Elementary, Junior, and Senior High Schools
Authors: 黃美筠
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 在知識經濟與全球化時代,現代公民具備正確的理財素養非常重要。因此,有必要從小實施理財教育。本研究採取文獻分析、問卷調查等方法。深入蒐集與分析國內外有關資訊,並針對理財教育課程綱要與內涵等相關問題,進行臺灣地區中小學各階段理財教育能力指標實施年段之有關研究分析。本研究發現教師對理財教育能力指標之了解程度與重要性看法間有顯著之相關性。未來可以經由各項研習等管道,使教師能深入的了解各項能力指標中所蘊含的理財概念。也發現可以將理財教育課程綱要分成理財知識、理財技能與理財態度三個面向,數個理財教育主題,並且研究與整理出適合中小學各學習階段之各項理財教育能力指標,進一步再分別建構出適合臺灣地區之「國小理財教育課程綱要」與「中學(國、高中)理財教育課程綱要」,以及適當課程或科目與教學單元。是以,未來各有關教師可以採取融入教學法,適時融入於我國中小學各學習階段之有關課程中教學,使學生具備正確的理財素養。最後,由我國中小學教師對中小學理財教育之觀點分析可知,在中小學階段推展理財教育有其必要性及可行性。所以,本研究認為非常必要於中小學之學習階段培育建立正確與適合之理財素養。
In the era of knowledge economy and globalization, with the right financial literacy is very important. It is necessary to implement financial education from childhood. This study adopts literature analysis, questionnaires, as well as the interpretation and criticism and other methods. To in-depth collect and analyze of relevant information from domestic andabroad, and to implement the relevant research and analysis of competence indicators for elementary and secondary stages.The study found that essentially it existed a significant correlation between the teachers' views of the importance and understanding of competence indicators. It can increase teachers' financial concepts by various learning activities. The study also found that the frameworks could divide the financial education into three dimensions, several financial education themes, and numbers of competence indicators. The dimensions were financial knowledge, financial skill, and financial attitude. The study finally found that it could construct curricula frameworks of financial education for Taiwanese elementary, junior, and senior high schools. And integrating in the proper subjects and teaching modules in the elementary, junior high and senior high school teaching levels. Finally, according the poimt of views of teachers of the elementary, junior high and senior high school, the researchers found that financial education was necessay to pactice. So, it should cultivate students with the correct and proper financialliteracy at elementary, junior, and senior high schools in Taiwan.
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