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Title: 經濟、教育預算與政策:英國中等教育於「方案分析與檢討J (PAR) 機制運作下的歷史演變( 1970-1977)
Other Titles: Economy, Education Budget, and Policy:The Historical Transformation of British Secondary Education under Programme Analysis and Review (PAR), 1970-1977
Authors: 劉子菁
Sunniva Tzu-Chin Liu
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究探討英國保守黨政府於1970年起所引進的「方案分析與檢討」預算機制,促使中等教育改革與經濟發展進一步連結的歷史經驗。此機制觸及中等教育經費評估標準、教育目的,以及課程控制等改革面向,在英國經濟相對衰退,以及1970年代初期石油危機所帶來的財政壓力下,中央能力組透過此機制展開跨部門審核活動,進一步控制教育預算評估標準與改革方向。本研究採歷史研究取向,檢視「方案分析與檢討」機制內涵與運作過程,以解釋1970年代初期{1944年教育法》共識基礎所遭受的經濟衝擊,並探討中央能力組的預算策略及觀點如何催生工黨首相Callaghan於1976年所建立的新教育共識,繼而揭開1980年代Thatcher政府新右派教育改革路線的序幕。
This paper examined budgetary strategy known as Programme Analysis and Review (PAR), which was implemented by the Conservative Government in Britainin 1970, and revealed the historical context between secondary-education reform and economic development. This budget system involved various assessment standards,educational objects, and curriculum regulations. It was implemented by the central government through interdepartmental evaluations, in order to control educational budget evaluation standards and future reforms. These measures took place during a time of British economic slowdown and the oil crisis of the early 1970s. This study adopted a historical approach to examine the mechanism and operation of the PAR system. In addition to explaining the economic obstacles encountered by the 1944 Education Act during the early 1970s, it also explored how the central government's budgetary policies and perspectives led to the new educational consensus established by Labour Prime Minister Callaghan's government in 1976. Finally, it shed light on the emergence ofthe educational reforms by Thatcher's New Right government in 1980s.
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