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Title: 視覺思考策略對美術資優教育之啟示
Other Titles: Implications of Visual Thinking Strategies for Art Talented Education
Authors: 李佳蓉
Chia-Rong Lee
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 視覺影像是「思想的形式」,藉由影像來進行視覺思考活動,並有效地在腦中形成視覺化影像,以達到創造力思維的基礎。當今美術資優課程與考試制度,也逐漸重視以評量學生創造力為導向。因此,在美術資優教育中如何提升學生創造力思維則為須正視的議題。故本文提出以視覺隱喻為基礎的視覺思考策略之教學,主張從兩方面來加以努力:(1)確保具創造力之視覺隱喻基礎之課程規劃與實施;(2)融入視覺思考策略的美術教學原則與多元動態評量。最後,總結相關討論,期能提供美術資優教育界參考。
Visual image is another “forms of thought” which based on an image can be performed by visual thinking activities, and effectively forming a visual image in the brain. It is thefoundation for creative thinking. Today’s evaluation of art talented curriculum and examination system pay attention to assess students' creativity. The paper provides visual thinking teaching strategies based visual metaphor and advocates two approaches: (1) to ensure the planning and implementation based visual metaphor of creativity; (2) to integrate art teaching principles of visual thinking strategies and multi dynamic-assessment. Finally, the paper concludes with discussion and advices for art talented education
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