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Title: 識字意涵之探究:兼論東南亞新移民女性之識字教育
Other Titles: The Inquiry of Literacy and Literacy Education for the New Immigrant Women from Southeast Asia
Authors: 陳憶芬
Yi-Fen Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究目的有三:1.整理國內外文獻,探討識字之意涵,以及識字教育與賦權之關連; 2. 透過內容分析,檢視現有學位論文之研究結果,據以分析國內對新移民識字教育在賦權功能上的展現與限制; 3.依據分析結果提出建議,期能做為未來實務工作與進一步研究之參考。本研究檢視文獻後得知,功能性識字強調隨個人所處情境而變動之能力;批判性識字強調改變現存的不平等結構。透過內容分析法分析國內現有學位論文後發現,新移民識字教育的功能性成效受肯定,但家務羈絆阻礙她們參與識字課程,卻鮮少有論文由批判性觀點分析新移民自主權與學習權受限之狀況。本研究依據研究結果,對新移民識字教育實務與未來研究提出建議。
There were three purposes in this study. First was to explore the meanings and relationships between literacy and empowerment through literature review. Second was to examine the researchfindings about New Immigrants to understand the outcomes and limitations of literacy education onempowerment through content analysis. Finally, making recommendations based on research resultsin order as the basis for future practices and researches. Through literature review we learned that functional literacy emphasizes the abilities changing with the situations where individuals are, but critical literacy mphasizes to change the existing structures of inequality. Through content analysis we find that existing dissertations confirmed the effectiveness of functional literacy in New Immigrants education. On the other hand, New Immigrants had too much housework to participate literacy courses but few dissertations analyzed the restrictions of their autonomy and learning right based on the view of critical literacy. According to the findings, we make some suggestions for instructional practices of New Immigrant literacy education and for future researches.
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