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Title: 教育鐘點戰:時間觀在適性教學與輔導的啟示
Other Titles: Education in Time-the Inspiration of Time Perspective in Adaptive Instruction and Counseling
Authors: 陳慧娟
Huey-Jiuan Chen
Hsin-Tzu Yu
Yi-Jia Liu
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本文目的在於嘗試概述西方學術新興的時間觀議題對適性教學和輔導的理念與策略,這些研究和臨床應用奠基於跨文化的實徵證據上,同時介紹不同時間觀取向學生可能帶來各種的成長利基與學習適應困擾。文末簡要探討個人時間觀型態與整體主觀幸福感之間的關係,強調朝著平衡時間觀發展的重要性,也扼要描述達成此種最佳狀態的具體原則。期望能拋磚引玉,指引未來不同教育場域研究的方向,在實徵研究的深入探討與驗證下,培力教師或輔導諮商人員除了傳統的輔導策略外,發展出更多有效因應個別差異的時間觀教練技巧與正念冥想技術,藉此使所有青年學子能獲益於專注學習、體驗和諧愉悅的心流經驗,更重要的是,協助他們得以洞察時間的整體性、迪性發展、開展生命動力,並能充份感受生命的意義與美好。
Thi article is aimed at outlining the emerging Time Perspective issue in Western academics, from which we are trying to see if there are some common ideas andstrategies for adaptive instruction and counseling. The researches and clinical application here are grounded on the cross-cultural empirical evidence. Meanwhile, we also introduce how the different time perspective orientation of students could influence their basis of growing and the disturbanc in learning. Finally, this article concisely discussed the relationship between personal time perspective and subjective well-being, focuding on the importance of developing the balanced time perspective and describing the pecific principles to achieve this optimal state. We expect to set a starting point, initiating and guiding the direction to various areas in educational research. Beside , based on the empirical evidence, we hope empower teachers and counslor not only to manipulate traditional counseling strategies but also to develope time perspective coaching skills, such a mindfulnes meditation techniques which are an effective response to individual differences. In doing so, all the young students may benefit from concentrating on learning and enjoying the harmony experience of flow. More importantly, they could understand the holism of time, grow up adaptively, carry out their life force and experience the meaning and beauty of life fully.
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