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Titel: 英語電子繪本的製作與教學應用:師資教育中對多媒體輔助教學的建議
Sonstige Titel: Making an E-Storybook to Enhance English Language Learning: A Project Conducted for Pre-Service Teacher Training in Taiwan
Autoren: 蔡素薰
Su-Hsun Tsai
Erscheinungsdatum: Jun-2015
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Zusammenfassung: 多年來臺灣地區學生之英語學科能力一直有雙峰現象,各方學者也提出諸多改進方案,其中「增進學習動機」一項論者頗多,本文以「英語電子繪本製作」教學活動概念,嘗試為學習者增添學習動機;也為英語科師資生做準備,教導其熟練英語繪本製作,期望其日後國中小任教時,能適量變化其教學活動,以提高學生之英語學習動機與成就。學者研究指出,英語文產出型教學活動可增強學習者學後保留,而現在學童已屬於「數位原生代,具有創作數位作品的潛能。作者以數年教學經驗分享英語繪本製作,以《半屏山》傳說故事為例,說明如何以民間故事文本指導學生分組製作,製成影音電子故事書。此類教學活動,不僅是英語學習,也是將語文教育整合鄉土教學、品德教育、美勞教育、資訊教育等面向,將之融為一體的作法。本文也建議,學生創作的成品,一定要給予發表機會,以符合溝通表達目的、增強其學習成就戚,並藉此進行國際交流活動,從互動交流中,深化自己的英語學習。
A twin-peak distribution has been evident in the performance of students' English language learning in Taiwan for years. The phenomenon has often been attributed to the lack of interest and motivation of many students, which mainly results from the limited chance for them to use the English language for meaningful purposes. In recent years, making picture storybooks has been a commonly practiced activity for various areas of study. This article suggests making electronic storybooks as an activity in English classes. Productive activities give children the chance to express their ideas instead of simply receiving instructions. The pictures, artworks, and sound effects involved in an e-storybook production allow children of different strengths in the spectrum of multiple intelligence to have their shares of contribution. Making e-storybooks exercises the children's imagination and creativity, and may (ge particularly exciting and inspiring as the children nowadays all belong to the “digital native" generation. In the article, the author introduces the process of e-storybook production in an English class. The e-storybook presented is based on a local Taiwanese folktale “Ban Ping Mountain." The project is hoped to exemplify the value of the activity in English learning in connection with other study areas such as folklore teaching, character education, arts music education, and media education. The value of the joint work of the students also lies in the presentation of the product to other students either in reality or even on the Internet with students in other countnes.
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