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Title: 以繪本《紙袋公主》結合教育戲劇實踐批判閱讀教學之自我研究:陶造與再陶造戲劇慣例的運用
Other Titles: A Self-Study of Using Paper Bag Princess and Drama-in-Education for Teaching Critical Reading: Crafting and Re-Crafting the Use of Drama Conventions
Authors: 譚寶芝
Po-Chi Tam
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究嘗試以繪本《紙袋公主》結合教育戲劇,先後在香港兩所小學實踐批判閱讀教學,期望學生能藉著認識另類公主故事脫離迪士尼公主童話的宰制。為瞭解及改善教育戲劇的教學效果,研究者陶造及再陶造這兩次教學中戲劇慣例的選取與編排,並進行自我研究,以便反思、改進及革新自身對教育戲劇和批判閱讀教學的認識和觀念。研究運用教學歷程檔案紀錄和分析教學過程中所遇的變化、困頓,矛盾與得失,結果發現,第一次教學著力引導學生認同另類公主,反而造成另一種權威與操控;到了第二次教學時,由於修改後的戲劇慣例能為學生提供了層層深入的戲劇結構、變動的架構,以及中介角色,學生的批判閱讀素養才逐漸萌生。是次研究揭示,教師若只要求學生以指定的批判方式,又或單一的角度來閱讀,只會令教學無異於主流。此外,學生身分認同的形成往往變動不居,運用教育戲劇來實踐批判閱讀教學須給予學生自主、深入、多角度和不同層面的戲劇經歷,以多元開放來抵抗單一封閉的閱讀方式。
The better to understand and perfect the effect of teaching with drama-ineducation, the author crafted and re-crafted the choices and arrangement of drama conventions when employing critical reading teaching in two primary schools, and later conducted a self-study from which she further reflected, advanced and renewed her knowledge and belief in drama-in-education and critical reading teaching. Coupled with drama-in-education, a picture book, The Paper Bag Princess, was used in these two teaching sessions in the hope that pupils would disconnect from the hegemony of Disney Princess Craze by exploring the story of 'alternative princess'. In the self-study, teaching portfolio was employed to record, analyze and examine the changes, worries, conflicts and results in the teaching. The author found that, in the first session, directing the pupils to acknowledge the 'alternative princess' has led to another form of authority and control. Later in the second session, the author re-crafted the drama conventions which offer drama structures in stages, changing frames and bridging roles, and that critical reading literacy has then been yielded. The self-study reveals that when a teacher requests pupils to read a text with a prescribed critical approach or a particular angle, the teaching is nothing but mainstream education. In addition, the formation of identities always remains volatile. Thus, the critical reading teaching with drama-in-education should engage the pupils to some drama experiences which are self-directed, in-depth and carry various angles and perspectives. It then allows these pupils, who are now equipped with openness and multiple viewpoints, to defend against a single and closed way of reading.
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