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Title: 國小學童習得中文形音對應一致性的發展性研究
Other Titles: The Developmental Trajectories of Orthography-to-Phonology Mapping Consistency in Learning to Read Chinese
Authors: 曾郁琳
Yu-Lin Tzeng
Chia-Ying LEE
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 本研究透過建立國小學童各年級習得生字量與形聲字形音對應資料庫,建立各年級形聲字的規則性與一致性指標,並透過操弄頻率(高、低)、一致性(高、低)與刺激字類型(規則字、不規則字,以及聲旁單獨不成字的形聲字,本實驗簡稱聲旁非字組),探討中文形音對應關係的發展趨勢。結果發現,四、五、六年級的學童都已可掌握表音規則性,但對於表音一致性的掌握,在不同類型的形聲字上則有不同的發展順序。一致性效果最早可以在四年級的學童唸規則字時觀察得到,但對於不規則字與「搖」這類聲旁單獨不成字的這兩類形聲字,則尚未發生。五年級的學童對規則字與不規則字都展現一致性的效果,但對於聲旁單獨不成字的形聲字,則得等到六年級才有穩定的一致性效果發生。上述結果顯示,聲旁若能單獨成字,將有助於聲旁的解離,因此成為影響聲旁覺識的重要因素。整體而言,這些研究證據都支持了學童學習中文字的發音,並不完全是透過一字一音的配對關聯。一字一音的策略也許發生在識字的早期階段,但隨著字彙量的增加,學童逐步掌握文字的結構,在不同的發展時序上逐步習得並應用聲旁表音規則性與一致性的統計對應關係。這些證據可做為識字習得的統計學習理論基礎,應用於教學策略、電腦輔助教學系統,或補救課程的設計上,以協助有閱讀困難的學童。
The present study aims to examine the developmental trajectories of how Chinese school children acquire different kinds of meta-linguistic knowledge of phonetic radicals. A corpus to index phonetic consistency and regularity was established on the basis of the Chinese-language textbooks used in Taiwanese elementary schools. Then, children from the fourth to sixth grades were invited to participate in a naming experiment in which frequency (high and low) and consistency levels (high and low) and character type (regular, irregular, and independent phonogram) were manipulated. The results show that the phoneticconsistency effect emerged in fourth-grade children in reading regular characters. The consistency effect was not found in reading irregular characters until the fifth grade. By the sixth grade, the consistency effect was found in reading all three types of phonograms. The results are congruent with the perspective of statistical learning and suggest that children will gradually realize the function of phonetic radicals, including phonetic regularity and consistency, by learning to read a large number of Chinese characters. These findings can serve as the theoretical foundation for developing effective teaching strategies, computer-assisted instructions, and remedial programs for children with difficulties in learning to read Chinese.
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