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Title: 大學生關懷自身之探討: 3 W* 的分析
Other Titles: The Care-for-Self ofUndergraduates: An Analysis via 3W*
Authors: 郭丁焚
Ding-Ymg Guo
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過大學生關心自己什麼事(What)、從何時開始關心(When)、及為何關心(Why)之探討,來了解大學生關懷自身的現況。本研究係以40位大學生為對象進行訪談,並將訪談資料進行編碼。研究結果發現:一、大學生關心在意的事項相當多元且全面,從微觀個人內在信念到鉅觀生態環境。二、大學生最關心「工作/家庭」、「休閒/環境」、「學習」等向度,並以「就業機會」一事項為最。三、大學生覺察自己關心在議事項的時間分布在各教育階段,其中大一是重要的關鍵期。四、大學生關心在意事情的原因廣泛,從事項本身到社會環境影響,其中以自我因素最為關鍵,家庭與學校的影響緊接在後。五、大學生關心在意事項的原因呈現多因盤錯及生態差異性。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the phenomenon of undergraduates' care-for-self. Forty undergraduates were interviewed to understand their care-for-self by assessing what they cared about, when they became aware of the events they cared about, and why they cared about those events. Data obtained from interviews were coded and analyzed. The findings of this study are summarized as the following. I. The types of events undergraduates cared about were diverse, ranging from individual beliefs to environmental ecosystems. 2. The major dimensions undergraduates cared about were joblJamily, recreation/environment, and learning. Moreover, job-opportunity received the highest priority. 3. The time in which undergraduates began to become aware of their self-care-events varied at each academic stage. However, thefreshman stage was a crucial time in which undergraduates become aware oftheir self-care-events. 4. The reasons why undergraduates cared about particular events varied, ranging from the nature of the event itself to its impact upon society. Specifically, individual factors were crucial, while family and school factors were minor. 5. There were a number of reasons why undergraduates cared about particular events, which were influenced by the context undergraduates grew under.
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