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Title: 早期療育到宅服務實施之研究-以臺北縣為例
Other Titles: A Case Study of Early-Intervention Home Visiting Services in Taipei County
Authors: 柯秋雪
Chiou-Shiue Ko
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Special Education
Abstract: 隨著國內對於早期療育相關法令與政策的推動,全國第一大縣-臺北縣政府亦致力於早期療育的服務,並已建立服務體系,早期療育到宅服務也受到重視,然而目前很少有相關的實徵性研究探討全國或縣市早期療育到宅服務實施的情況。因此,研究者希望經由本研究的探討,檢視臺北縣現行早期療育到宅服務施行的情形,據此希冀對於臺北縣早期療育的到宅服務提出有效的建議,提供相關行政單位與早期療育單位對到宅服務規劃與執行的參考,以利早期療育到宅服務未來的推展,精進早期療育到宅服務的品質。本研究資料的來源包含文件(如早期療育機構到宅服務簡訊、服務內容、服務流程、內政部兒童局與台北縣到宅服務計畫的內容等)、研究者的研究日誌、半結構性的個別的深入訪談與迷你焦點團體訪談;部分資料則經由追蹤的電話訪談蒐集。研究結果依早期療育到宅服務的政策規劃與發展方向、到宅的專業服務方式與團隊合作、到宅服務的效益、到宅人員和家長的關係與合作的重要性、到宅服務面臨的困境等五方面說明,並依據研究結果提出建議。
In Taiwan, non-governmental organizations have been executing early-intervention home visiting services for the last few years. Furthermore, a ”Home Visiting Plan for Children with Developmental Delays” was enacted into law on December 8, 2004 by the R. O. C.'s Children's Bureau Ministry of the Interior. However, this program lacks evidence-based studies. This qualitative study looked at the present situation of home visiting services for the purpose of early intervention and explored possible strategies for improving this practice in Taipei County. Data was collected from documents, research diaries, individual in-depth interviews of four parents of children with developmental delays, five home visitors, a section chief, and a social worker from the Child and Adolescent Division of the Bureau of Social Affairs of the Taipei County Government. In addition, one mini-focus group interview of five home visitors was held. These interviews were transcribed and then analyzed. Member checks and triangulation were used to establish the trustworthiness of the study. The results of the data analysis will be provided, along with consultation, to the Taipei County Government in order to modify and improve the policy for home visiting services.
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