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Title: 幼教人員網路社群合作對教學認知實用的影響:網路社會連結的干擾效果
Other Titles: Cooperation in Online Communities on the Perceived Usefulness of Instruction for Early Childhood Educators: The Moderation of Online Social Connection
Authors: 陳儒晰
Ru-Si Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 幼教人員對網路融入教學活動所表現的實用效益之思考,不只受到參與網路社群進行專業合作和互動討論意向的影響,亦與網路促進社會互動與凝聚社群意識的認知有關。研究者使用問卷調查探討幼教人員對網路社群教學實用態度的影響因素與干擾作用,自編問卷涵蓋「網路社群合作」、「教學認知實用」、「網路社會連結」等潛在構面,運用結構方程模式分析問卷資料,並採取偏最小平方法檢定干擾變項的交互效果與統計顯著性。研究結果指出,幼教人員對網路提供多元人際互動所扮演的社會交流功能之看法,干擾其參與網路社群進行教學專業經驗分享和輔助教學活動的實用價值之態度。最後,研究者針對研究結果進行討論並提出未來研究之參考。
Early childhood educators’ perceptions of the useful values of the Internet when integrated into instruction are associated with professional cooperation and interactive discussions through the Internet. These perceptions articulate the moderation of early childhood educators’ attitudes toward the development of social interaction and community cohesion by using the Internet. By conducting a survey, this study examined the influencing factors and moderating effect of early childhood educators’ attitudes toward Internet communities and instructional usefulness. The questionnaire consisted of three factors: online community cooperation, perceived usefulness in instruction, and online social connection. Sample data were analyzed by using structural equation modeling, testing moderating effects and interactive effects, and determining statistical significance with the moderating factor by using partial least squares. The results showed that early childhood educators’ perceptions of the social connection of multiple interpersonal interactions on the Internet moderated their attitudes toward the relationship of sharing instructional professional experiences and assisting instructional usefulness through the Internet. The results of the study were discussed and the implications of the study were derived.
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