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Title: 儒家天地人管理思想根源之研究
Other Titles: Research on the Main Origins and Background of the Thoughts of Tien, Ti, and Jun (the Heaven, the Earth, and the Human Being) of Confucianism
Authors: 陳元義
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立僑生大學先修班
Abstract: 中國為世界文明古國,歷史悠久,文化優越,影響世界各國文化。儒家為中華文化主流之一、東方文化之基礎,係先秦諸子之主要學派。儒家思想浩翰無涯,其思想蘊含無窮管理哲理,富現代管理價值。儒家天地人管理思想,博大精深,體系一貫。儒家天地人管理思想研究,首須對其淵源加以研究,包括:因襲於儒家天者、地者、人者學說之根源,俾能探本溯源,以供參考。
China is, in the world, an ancient civilized country. She has a long history, a superior culture, and also influences different cultures all over the world. Confucianism has provided the mainstream of Chinese culture and a foundation of Oriental culture. Confucian thinking is profound and boundless, rich in unlimited management philosophy as well as in practical value to modern management. Confucian management thinking towards heaven, earth, and the human being is broad and deep. The system of management thinking is also consistent. This research on its management thinking will start at the beginning, including the main origin and background of Confucianism's heaven, earth, and the human being. Exploration of the origins will be made here to provide suggestions for the future.
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