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Title: 從明末荷蘭俘虜交涉看中荷關係
Other Titles: Explore Chinese-VOC Relationship According to the Dutch Prisoners of War Negotiations in Late Ming
Authors: 林逸帆
Lin Yi Fan
Issue Date: Jun-2010
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 1622 年荷蘭東印度公司前來澎湖欲與中國發展貿易關係,但各自的海上活動中,雙方各自抓了俘虜。荷蘭長官雷爾生至福州交涉,主要訴求為自由通商及釋放人質,而中國一方則要求荷蘭退出澎湖。此次交涉,中國釋放荷蘭俘虜作為表達善意的工具,但在中國官員Hongtsiensou的居中協調下,雙方交涉未果。此後,新任巡撫南居易與都督謝隆儀對荷蘭人採取強硬態度,荷蘭人與謝隆儀屢次書信往返未果後,決定前往漳州灣,與中國展開最後的談判,卻爆發了司令官Christiaen Francx 被俘事件,使荷蘭對中國的貿易通商直接交涉,劃下句點。改採中國商人作為折衝的角色,為荷蘭的中國貿易服務,貿易交涉過程中,荷蘭俘虜Christiaen Francx 仍是交涉的籌碼之一,Christiaen Francx 即中國史料所稱的「高文律」,最後仍遭受斬首示眾的命運。料羅灣之役導致荷蘭人被俘,是明荷衝突中,最後被俘的荷蘭俘虜,在貿易優先的情況下,最終荷蘭俘虜仍是接受中國的審判。
In 1622, VOC had come to Penghu to increase the trade relationship with China. But both sides captured each other in their maritime activities. VOC Commander Reijersen had come to Fuzhou to negotiate for free trade and releasing hostages for main demand, and Chinese side requested VOC must leave Penghu. At first, Chinese released a prisoner as goodwill. However, it was unsuccessful by the Chinese officer Hongtsiensou’s conciliation finally. Since then, the new governor 南居易and Totok (都督)謝隆儀took a strong stand against the Dutch. After unable to have a satisfied result by repeated in correspondence with 謝隆儀, Dutch decided to go to Zhengzhou Bay to conducted the final negotiation with China. But due to the Commander Christiaen Francx was captured, VOC no longer direct trade negotiations to China. Chinese merchants as the new Compromise role to serviced VOC trading in China, Dutch prisoners Commander Francx was still bargaining chips with Netherlands trade. Chinese people named Commander Francx "高文律", who still suffered beheaded finally.Dutch People captured in Liaoluo Bay Battle is the last one captured by china during Ming Dutch conflict.Since trade was mostly consider, Dutch prisoners was still brought to Chinese trial finally.
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