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Title: 試析道光朝的君臣互動─以張格爾事件為中心
Other Titles: Citing Jahangir Khoja Incident as an Example to Analyze the Interaction between Emperor Daoguang and His Subjects
Authors: 游佳瑞
You, Jia-Rui
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 嘉慶末年至道光初年的張格爾事件乃是清朝平定新疆以來最大的動亂,曾連陷喀什噶爾等南疆四城。清廷為平此亂,用兵三萬六千、軍需撥動帑銀千萬餘兩,主要領軍的為揚威將軍長齡,並輔以楊遇春、武隆阿等一同平定此亂。他們都是一時之選的將領,擁有豐富的作戰經驗,所以戰役接連獲勝,這當中除了將領表現優異外,也和道光皇帝實行的戰略原則和政策、措施有關,才能讓清廷得以迅速收復失土。本文旨在探討當時戰役中「人和」的問題,透過將領的生平與經歷,用以分析道光皇帝任命他們的原因。藉由戰役期間奏摺的往返來看道光皇帝與三位大臣之間對於張格爾動亂的討論,並探究這些討論是否對當時的戰場有發揮作用及影響,進而勾勒出張格爾事件中君臣之間的互動。
Jahanghir Khoja Incident was the biggest riot after Qing Dynasty acquired Xinjiang province. This incident started at the last years of Emperor Jia-qing’s reign, and ended at the early years of Emperor Dao-guang’s reign. Jahanghir Khoja took four cities in Southern Xinjiang, Kashgar was included. In order to suppress this riot, Qing Dynasty mobilized thirty-six thousands soldiers and allocated tens of millions silver coins for military purpose. General Zhang-ling was the commander of Qing's troop, with Yang Yu-chun and Wu Long-a served as his subordinates. These three generals are the best of that time and they are well-versed in the war. The outstanding performance of the generals is one of the reasons that Qing Dynasty won the battles against Jahanghir Khoja one after one and took back the lost territory quickly. Another reason is connected with the strategies, policies and measures employed by Dao-guang Emperor. This paper aims to analyze the issue of “coordination between people” during the wars of Jahanghir Khoja Incident. The author will discuss why Emperor Daoguang appoints these three general by analyzing their lives and experiences. The author will use the written reports of the three generals and the letters of Emperor Dao-guang to observe their discussions about the incident. Also, the author will investigate whether these discussions influence the development of the wars or not. Through all these analyses and discussions, we can get a clear picture of the coordination between the Emperor and his subjects during the Jahanghir Khoja Incident.
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