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Title: 討論教學的技巧與發現
Other Titles: The Skills and Discovery of Discussion Teaching Strategy
Authors: 張世忠
Issue Date: Dec-1997
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 討論教學法是教師進行小組科學教學時最佳的教學策略。透過討論可以使教學過程更生動有趣。而在討論過程中,教師的發問和學生的爭辯,可使學生對討論之主題有更深入的瞭解,並培養他們思考和批判的能力。本文先介紹一些討論教學的技巧,然後從討論教學過程中發現它的優點,例如:討論使學生的概念藉著口頭形式更主觀化,並且他們的想法更清楚和實用;它對刺激學生的想像力、產生新概念和測試自我概念是一項很有效的工具;更進一步是討論教學給學生極大的自主權去表達他們的感受。因此,教師們應研究這些討論技巧並實際應用在他們的教室中。
Discussion teaching was the best strategy when the teacher used small-group science teaching. The process was active and interesting. By the teacher's questions and students' debate, students could understand the subject more deeply and cultivate their thinking and critique. First, the paper presented the skills of discussion teaching, Then it presented discussion teaching profits. For example, discussion internalized students' concepts by using oral form and made their ideas clearer and more practical. Also it was a valuable tool for stimulating students' imaginations, generating new ideas, and testing their ideas. Furthermore, it gave students a great degree of autonomy in expressing their feeling. Therefore, teachers should research these discussion skills and practically apply to their classrooms.
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