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Title: 「飛機運狗」事件與戰時中國大學反孔運動研究
Other Titles: The Study of Anti - Kong Xiangxi movement
Authors: 汪伯軒
Wang, Po-Hsuan
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 本文旨在針對1942 年由昆明諸大學學生領導的反對孔祥熙,要求其受懲處與下台的學潮,是如何開始、串連擴散與質變。同時指出此次「反孔運動」因為戰時中國最重大的學生運動之一,有關戰時學潮的回憶錄多有論述此事,但相較下對該事件具學術價值的研究卻遠遠不足:從該事件導火線—孔祥熙飛機運狗報導,至昆明諸大學、浙江大學等校陸續串連爆發學生反孔罷課、遊行示威等運動,均存在相當多以訛傳訛,或者是先入為主、以偏蓋全的問題,實需重新加以審視。在本研究中,作者將以中國國民黨黨史館館藏第一手教育部檔案與反孔學潮相關電郵資料,配合前輩學者相關研究成果,將反孔運動分成:啟始—《大公報》誤報事件、大起—昆明大學倒孔風潮、蔓延—浙大等校繼起三部份分別檢視,除求能釐清有關該運動各種疑點之外,期能更深入瞭解各期「反孔運動」其各自領導者背景、反孔訴求、運動方式、教育部處理等等情況與變化。
In the wartime student strike memoirs and the research, “the counter- Kong movement” is one of the wartime China most significant student movements. This event caused from the report “To support and reform politics motion” about Kong Xiangxi used flights to deliver foreign breed dogs in private. The message spread from school to school, and caused the student counter-movements Universities in Kunming, and the Zhejiang University one after another. But there were quite incorrectly relays in the report and the spread of message. In this paper, I use the Ministry of Education file in the KMT Party History Institute and the past research. I inspect and divide the counter- Kong movement into three parts: first- the event of the “Da Gong Bao” mistake-report, second - the student counter movements in Kunming Universities, third - the Zhejiang University continued. Besides clearing the questionable point, I hope to understand the background, demand, the way of organizing people of the leaders, and the deal-with way of the Ministry of Education.
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