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Title: 演化經濟地理---台灣紡織暨成衣產業空間的考察
Evolutionary Economic Geography--- An Investigation into Spaces of Textile and Clothing Industries in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 演化經濟地理:台灣紡織暨成衣產業空間的考察 本計畫三年的整體目標是:考察紡織暨成衣產業在臺灣各區域,就不同的尺度中, 知識演化過程和區域制度關係基礎,如何構成演化經濟地理。首先,瞭解紡織暨成衣產 業微觀層面行動,調查知識創造的演化過程中,經濟地理如何提供必要見解。第二,探 察中觀層面紡織暨成衣產業的空間群聚、空間組織模式、及網絡關係經濟地理。第三, 分析宏觀層面在紡織暨成衣產業地域或國家總體,制度動態如何形塑發展路徑。並進一 步地,利用這些微觀、中觀和宏觀層面的演化見解,以發展解釋性的計劃。爰此,本計 畫可以檢討和重新解釋現存產業,其相似和互補之空間群聚的演化。 執行計畫開始,重新梳理演化經濟地理學理論架構,更細緻地檢驗經濟地理學中「演 化的」影響,對臺灣長期紡織暨成衣產業發展歷程。第一年的目標,透過經由對公司負 責人面對面訪談,獲得微觀層次的資料。包括桃園、彰化、雲林及臺南等地區,做為質 化、有評價力的理論化。第二年計畫則透過郵寄問卷,系統性地收集田野資料,就四個 區域做為多變量分析的代表性樣本為主,分析比較。第三年,則透過利用以上調查的資 料,加上國家的工商普查的整體性資料,就正式模型建構與地理資訊系統應用達成研究 目標。
Evolutionary Economic Geography: An Investigation into Spaces of Textile and Clothing Industries in Taiwan The overall aim of this three-­‐year project is, to study how processes of knowledge evolution and institutional underpinnings make up the core of evolutionary economic geography by investigating into textile and clothing industries in Taiwan in different scales. First of all, at the micro-­‐level of the TCI action this project is to show how economic geography provides the necessary insights for the evolution of knowledge creation. Secondly, the project is to investigate the spatial clusters, spatial configurations and network in relational economic geography at the meso-­‐level of the TCI. The third objective is to analyse how institutional dynamics to shape the path of development of the TCI at the national and regional macro-­‐level. Furthermore using such micro-­‐, meso-­‐ and macro-­‐level evolutionary insights to develop an explanatory account by which we can review and reinterpret the coming into existence and further evolution of spatial cluster of similar and complementary textile and clothing firms and industries. Implementation of the project is to trigger off combing out the lines of evolutionary economic geography, to securitize a more nuance of ‘evolutionary’ influence on Taiwan's textile and clothing industries. For the objective of the first-­‐year project, via the personal face-­‐to-­‐face interviews to responsible person of firms of the TCI, to access to micro-­‐level materials, including Taoyuan, Changhua, Yunlin and Tainan industrial districts, for a qualitative, appreciative theorizing. The second year program is to investigate an aggregate via post-­‐questionnaires for systematic multivariate analyses. The third, throughout the data collected in previous years, the study is going to build up formal modeling with a geographical information system (GIS) approach, to achieve research aim of investigation into TCI evolutionary economic geography.
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