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Title: 滿洲君主統治「中國」的危機意識
Manchu Monarch’S Crisis Awareness on Governed China
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 滿洲以外來的、少數的征服者入主中國,被視為是中國歷史上最成功的「征服王 朝」;清朝統治中國成功的原因,則是清史研究的經典問題之一。關於「成功的原因」, 研究者可以提出各種不同的歷史解釋,特別的是,從皇太極到乾隆皇帝,滿洲君主始終 對於自己身為少數的、外來的統治者的處境和身分有著清楚的認知,無論是預見、察覺 或製造統治「中國」(指以漢族為主體的地區和社會)的危機意識,都反映出他們兢兢 業業的統治態度,以及維護政權的用心與決心。所謂統治的危機意識,是指當滿洲君主 的核心價值(清語、騎射、淳樸等民族特質)受到威脅的同時,又要有效地控制人數眾 多、文化先進且帶有敵意的漢族,面對許多不利統治的情境,促使他們必須設法保護既 有的優勢,並積極尋求新的思想和模式來應付面臨的難題。因此,本計畫擬將討論的重 點集中在:一、對「漢化」衝擊的防範;二、對政治控制手段的設想;三、對文治武功 價值的衡量,期能和近年影響清史解釋的兩種主要模式,亦即滿洲中心觀點與國家認同 論述進行對話。
As the foreign and minority invaders, Manchu was the most successful dynasty of conquest in China history; searching for reasons of such success is the classic issue in Ch’ing study. Researchers could give various explanations about the reason for success, especially from the emperor Huangtaiji to Ch’ien-lung, Manchu monarchs always had clear cognition toward the situation and identity as foreign minority, whether it is foreseen, notice or create the crisis awareness on governed China, would reflect their conscientious attitude and the intention well as determination to maintain their regime. When Manchu monarchs’ core values, include the national character as Manchu language, riding and shooting, pristine, was threaten, in the meantime , they had to control the Han who are the majority, culturally advanced and hostile effectively, they had to try to protect the established superiority, and actively search for new thought and form to face the difficult situation in adverse ruling. Therefore, this plan intend to discuss on three direction: first, the prevention against sinicization; second, to envisage the means of political domination; third, to measure the value between civil service and military victory, hope to dialogue with the two patterns, the point of view to Manchuria as the center and the national identity discourse.
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