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Title: 烏克蘭ê社會語言現狀kap語言政策
Ukrainian's Societal Linguistic Status Quo and Language Policy
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2015
Publisher: 臺灣國際研究學會
Abstract: 因為地理位置kap歷史演進,致使烏克蘭內底有誠濟族群、語言佮文化。加上俄國殖民政策ê影響,對伊ê土地內底語言人口ê分佈,會使看著明顯有東、西雙爿ê區別。境內主要使用ê烏克蘭語佮俄語,猶閣有其他少數ê語言,以及烏克蘭語kap俄語混用所產生ê變體Surzhyk。佇1989年獨立了後,因為政府大力推sak「烏克蘭化」政策,語言成做代先改革ê目標,雖然講烏克蘭語復振運動真有效果,毋過本來烏克蘭內部各州,烏克蘭語佮俄語ê語言使用ê比例kap程度差真濟,政策ê強力執行煞影響著境內俄語人士ê工作權、教育權,甚至造成國家認同危機。本文參考國內外ê文獻,對社會語言學ê角度切入,了解烏克蘭內部語言分佈、語言政策ê演變、語言使用佮語言態度ê這幾个部分來探討。上尾,對烏克蘭這个案例來看台灣這馬語言ê狀況,提供予台灣語言政策、語言規劃方面ê建議。
There are many peoples, languages, and cultures in Ukraine due to geographic location and historic events. In addition to influences of Russian colonization, the linguistic distribution appears to have an eastwest divide. The major languages in the country are Ukrainian and Russian, with other linguistic minorities as well as Surzhyk, a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian. After Ukraine's independence in 1989, the new government has attempted to promote a policy of Ukrainization policy, and language issue became the first target of evolution. Although it is effective in terms of Ukrainian linguistic revitalization, because there has already been an initial and significant difference between Ukrainian and Russian languages, the strong promotion of Ukrainian influenced Russian people’s working rights, educational rights, and eventually led to a crisis of identification towards nation-state. In this paper we aim to analyze the internal linguistic distribution and changes in language policy of Ukraine from a sociolinguistic perspective, by utilizing Taiwan and international sources. We ultimately hope that the Ukrainian case can inform Taiwan's own development of language policy and language planning.
ISSN: 1816-2622
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0602_01_026
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