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Title: 半福佬客分佈的地理意涵解析---以新竹縣竹北及新豐兩地的調查為例
The Geographical Meanings about the Spatial Distributions of the 'Half-Hohlo-Hakka' in Xinfeng and Jupei Areas, Hsinchu County
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 研究者利用方言口音比對及各自然村世居宗族祖籍地的調查發現,新竹縣新豐鄉 紅毛港及桃園縣鄉新屋蚵殼港是個泉州同安籍移民裔高度優佔區域,其周邊圍 繞著一群來自前清粵東潮、惠兩府的移民,這群移民在原鄉時即能操閩南、客 家雙語,當地閩南人稱其為「半福佬客」區;更東的區域則為客語區,且這個 客語區大抵也呈現海陸口音優佔區在西;四縣與海陸混合口音區在東側的分佈 態勢。在地圖操作及分析上,本研究將移自閩南或粵東閩客雙語區的族群視為半福 佬客,來自其界線以南者視為閩底,以北者視為客底。閩客雙語區的半福佬客也可據此 再分為閩底與客底,閩底的半福佬客用閩式地名,客底則用客式地名。 探索半福佬客的意義,不僅僅在語言地理上,而是有助於釐清清代竹塹地區拓墾 過程中的族群互動關係。本研究的研究目的在於:1.確認是否有為數不少的半福佬客族 群居住於研究區?2.驗證研究區的閩、客族群分佈是否具有空間規律性; 3.觀察研究區 閩、客族群的互動關係。本研究選定新竹縣新豐及竹北兩地作為調查樣區。 關鍵詞:半福佬客、閩南語、客家語、新竹、新豐、竹北
Using the methods of comparing the accents of dialects and inquiring into the ancestral homes of main clans in the traditional physical settlements in Xinfeng and Xinwu areas, we have rudimentarily found: the inhabitants of Hongmaokang (in Xinfeng Township) and Kekekang (in Xinwu Township), the most ancestral homes are Tongan County, Quanjhou Fu, Fujian Province in the Ching Dynasty. In the periphery where have some inhabitants whose ancestors came from Huijhou and Tsaojhou Fu, Guangdong Province in Ching Dynasty. They are so-called ‘Half-Hohlo-Hakka’, because they can speak the Southern Min and Hakka as well. In eastern area of ‘Half-Hohlo-Hakka’ is Hakka area. The Hakka area appears Hai-Lu Hakka in the western and Four County Hakka in the eastern likewise. The purposes of investigating the ‘Half-holo-Hakka’ are not only in of linguistic geography, but in the local history in Hsinchu. The purposes of this study include: 1. to confirm the spatial distributions of ‘Half-Hohlo-Hakka’; 2. to demonstrate whether the distributions of clan groups display spatial order or not in the study area; 3. to observe interaction between Southern Min and Hakka in the study area. In this study, we choose Xinfeng Township and Jhupei, Hsinchu County as study areas. Key words: Half-Hohlo-Hakka, Hakka, Southern Min, Hsinchu, Xinfeng, Jhupei
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