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Title: 顧頡剛的〈堯典〉著作時代研究及其意義
The Significance of Gu Jie-Gang's Study on the Completion Time of "Yaodian"
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立政治大學中國文學系
Abstract: 顧頡剛對〈堯典〉的研究,主要集中在成書時間的考辨上。他從1908 年(16 歲)開始接觸《尚書》,漸漸懷疑今文,認為〈堯典〉晚出。在經 過長時間的思考與累積,到1931 年在燕京大學開設「《尚書》研究」課程 時,寫出〈《堯典》著作時代考〉,認定今本〈堯典〉成於漢武帝時。這是 顧頡剛〈堯典〉研究最重要的成果,一直到他過世,皆未改變此一論斷。 本文從顧頡剛所留下的大量筆記,說明他對〈堯典〉著作時代考證的思考 過程,並指出〈《堯典》著作時代考〉與一般的文獻考證方法最大的不同點, 在於顧頡剛的考證建立在一個龐大的歷史解釋系統的基礎上。他力求讓這 個系統呈現出一致而有條理的面貌,並用這一個系統來衡定〈堯典〉的著作時代。
Gu Jiegang’s study on the article in the Book of Documents “Yaodian” is mainly focused upon its completion time. Gu starts to read the Book of Documents at the age of 16 in 1908, and he gradually suspects that “Yaodian” is later than the book. After a long-term deliberation and textual research, Gu publishes A Textual Research on the Completion Time of “Yaodian” in 1931, when he teaches Shangshu Studies in Yenching University. In the book, he claims that “Yaodian” was completed in the reign of Emperor Wu of Han. This argument is Gu’s most important achievement in “Yaodian” study, and it remains unchanged even when he passes away. This study elaborates his deliberating process with the massive notes he has left and points out that A Textual Research on the Completion Year of “Yaodian” differs from other textual studies documents primarily in the establishment of an enormous historical explanation system. Gu makes his every effort to have this system presented with good consistency and organization, and uses it to confirm “Yaodian”’s completion time.
ISSN: 1684-4246
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