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Title: 上海博物館戰國楚竹書通假字研究
The Study on Form-Borrowed and Interchangeable Characters in Chu Bamboo Slips of the Warring States Period Collected from Shanghai Museum
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 在象形、指事、會意出現之後,在形聲出現之前,假借作為溝通無聲字與有聲字之間的橋樑作用實在不可輕忽。深入了解假借在漢語中形成的原因與發展的現象,不僅有助於了解上古漢語語言和詞彙分化的演進,亦有助於釐清漢字造字的手法與分類,也可藉此了解漢字形體如何藉由聲化的方式順利達成紀錄語音的需求,而漢字又是如何藉由形聲的手法以繁化字體、新造漢字,同時經由假借的手法節制形體、控制字數。本次研究將通過對上海博物館藏七冊戰國楚竹書通假字例的整理與分類,探索究竟何種聲韻上的相關最有可能形成文字的通假現象。本次計畫亦將透過彙整較為罕見且為楚系特有的通假字例與方音詞彙,觀察並且分析楚系與其他各系較為不同的聲韻特徵。並且討論戰國時期的楚系聲韻,是否與楚系文字一樣具有獨立於其他各系探討的必要性。
After the development of pictograph characters、self- explanatory characters and associative compound characters,before the emersion of picot-phonetic characters,phonetic-loan had been considered as the important bridge between non-phonetic-attached and phonetic-attached characters. Well understanding the reasons and the patterns of the processes phonetic-loan had been used,not only helps to realize how the ancient Chinese vocabulary begin to polarize,but benefits clarify the ways Chinese characters fabricated. By observations of the courses form-borrowed had been accomplished also helps to know how Chinese characters can take down all the oral Phonemes perfectly. And how picot-phonetic characters had become the means to form-complicated and brand new characters fabricated,or form-borrowed can be used to simplify the over- complicated forms and control the total characters quantity. This study on borrowed and interchangeable characters in Chu bamboo slips of the warring states period collected from Shanghai museum will discuss either initial or rhyme would make the phonetic-loan work done most possibly through appropriate classification of the characters evidences. This survey on rare but unique form-borrowed evidences and provincial vocabularies only seen in chu bamboo slips will talk about the possibility of if the Chu rhyme groups would have the necessity to analyzed independently as well as the Chu characters.
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