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Title: 葉燮、沈德潛詩論關係考辨
A Comparative Study of the Poetry of Ye Xie and Shen De-qian
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 國立中興大學文學院
Abstract: 葉燮《原詩》為清代獨有創見之論詩作品,不僅體系完備,主張亦頗具創見,惜葉燮不達,《原詩》在當時並未造成廣大的影響。沈德潛少師葉燮,後以格調說稱名乾隆詩壇,然他於師說未曾或忘,詩學專著《說詩晬語》中承襲《原詩》頗多。本文攷較兩人詩論,葉、沈師生間在詩歌歷史發展的規律認識上,以及詩人的胸襟識度之重視的態度上大致相同,他們對於典範詩人杜甫之肯定,往往也著眼於此二層面。然沈德潛乃有心建立自我的詩說的詩論家,於葉說僅取其所用之需;故不少詩學觀點大異於葉燮,最主要的是葉燮企圖提出一套先驗的詩歌準則,而沈德潛則更熱心地推展詩歌實際上的政教作用,以及教人為詩的種種法門,成為了形而下的庸俗詩學。兩者在根本上的異趣,以及時代選擇了沈德潛而冷落了葉燮,似已彰顯的當代詩歌的美學取向,以及古典詩歌發展到當時,漸趨沉落的歷史困境。
Ye Xie's "Original Poetry" represents the single most innovative style of poetry of the Qing Dynasty. It not only has a complete form, but also contains a considerable number of viewpoints which were highly original for that time. Unfortunately, his talent is not widely recognized today as his influence on his own generation was limited. Shen De-qian studied under Ye Xie from a young age, and later influenced Qianlong's poetry circles, but he never Poetry', we can find many aspects which, though not obvious, actually follow the form of 'Original Poetry'. This article undertakes a comparative study of the differences and similarities between these two poets' respective styles, and attempts to show that the distinctive regular pattern of Shen De-qian's poetry, which he developed over time, as well as the importance he placed on the mind and intellect of a poet are almost identical to the style and attitudes of Ye-Xie. Both poets were highly praised by Du Fu as poetic geniuses.Shen De-qian, however, had the ability to firmly establish his own style of poetry while borrowing certain aspects of Ye Xie's theories, the result being that the two poets ended up taking very different directions regarding the teaching and development of poetry. Ye Xie attempted to propose a set of transcendental rules for writing poems, while Shen De-qian embraced promotion of the political and didactic effects of poetry, as well as teaching all manners of poem styles, giving rise to a rather metaphysical and vulgar style of poetry. By examining these two person's basic differences and seeing how the political forces have elected Shen De-qian as their representative Qing Dynasty poet while leaving Ye Xie in the cold, we can more clearly understand the aesthetic trends and directions taken by contemporary poetry as well as illustrating the historic struggles that have resulted in the sad decline of the classical poetry style.
ISSN: 1727-8562
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