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Title: [(清)吳敬梓著;李漢秋輯校]《儒林外史》敘述者形象及其敘述的可靠性問題
On the Image of Narrator and the Reliable Problems of Narration in "Ju Lin Wai Shih"
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Publisher: 國立臺北教育大學語文教育學系
Abstract: 隨著傳統長篇小說文體的變革,《儒林外史》的敘述者形象有其相應的轉化。《儒林外史》敘述者採取客觀隱身式的敘事立場,無疑促使小說敘事達到追求客觀現實的幻覺,體現作者公心諷世的敘事態度。然而當敘述者情感的干預和敘述者權威的限制出現內在矛盾關係時,便可能導致敘述可靠性問題出現,無疑將影響讀者對於小說文本意義的理解與詮釋。本文試圖捨去傳統批評觀點,重新檢視《儒林外史》的敘述者形象及其敘述的可靠性問題。
Along with the change of traditional Chinese novels' style, the image of narrator in "Ju lin wai shih" has its corresponding transformation. "Ju lin wai shih"'s narrator takes a position of objective stealth-like, no doubt, which promotes the narrative to the pursuit of the objective reality of illusion, and finally reflects the fair-minded about the author's attitude. However, when there is a inner contradiction between the intervention of narrator's emotion and the restriction of narrator's authority which causes the reliability problems arising, it will undoubtedly affects readers for comprehension and interpretation of the meaning of novle. This article attempts to give up the views of traditional criticism, but reviews on the image of narrator and the reliable problems of narration in "Ju lin wai shih".
ISSN: 1561-378X
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