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Title: 應用模糊德爾菲法分析高雄愛河綠廊功能之研究
Applying the Fuzzy Delphi Method to Analyze the Greenway Functions of Lover River in Kaohsiung City�
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林管理處
Abstract: 愛河是高雄市最鮮明的城市意象,在經濟發展快速進步的同時,愛河的環境卻急遽惡化,居民與愛河的關係也日益疏離。近年來,政府積極推動各項愛河綠廊的景觀改善計畫,提升優質的水岸生活環境,愛河的整治已略見成效。本文經由文獻回顧、實地考察及深度訪談,瞭解愛河綠廊現況後,以Fábos(2004)的理論基礎為依據,將愛河綠廊區分為「生態保育」、「休閒遊憩」和「社會文化」等三大主要功能,並據此提出24項細部功能,透過模糊德爾菲法專家問卷調查,分析愛河綠廊的重要功能。研究結果顯示,愛河綠廊具有「提高都市景觀美感」、「增加觀光遊憩魅力」、「紓解心理壓力」、「幫助地方感的建立」及「整合都市遊憩機能」等重要功能,不過在「連結生態網絡系統」、「改善水質」、「提供水上遊憩活動」、「沿岸歷史古蹟的保存」及「提供災害時之避難場所」等功能則有待加強。
The Lover River has been the most vivid urban image of Kaohsiung city. However, the environment of the Lover River and its relationship with the residents worsened rapidly along with the development and progresses of the urban economy. Recently, the government actively improves greenway landscape of the Lover River, and promotes high-quality living environment around the shores. The improvement of the Lover River seems to be successful so far. In this study, we try to evaluate the current situation of Lover River greenway through literature review, fieldtrip, and in-depth interview, Based on F墎os' theory, we classified the greenway functions of Lover River into three fundamental categories, including "Ecological conservation", "Recreation", and "Socio-culture". Twenty-four essential functions following these three categories were further established and been analyzed by Fuzzy Delphi Method and experts' questionnaire. Results show that there are many important greenway functions of Lover River, including "Improving the cityscape", "Increasing tourism attraction", "Relieving mental pressure", "Establishing the sense of place", and "Integrating urban recreation functionality". On the other hand, some greenway functions should be improved seriously in the future, including "Linking ecological network system", "Improving water quality", "Providing water-based recreation", "Conserving historical legacy around the shores", and "Offering refuge for disaster".
ISSN: 0255-6014
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0406_01_034
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