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Title: 古蹟保存與都市更新經濟議題之研究
The research of the historic preservation and urban renew economic subject
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 古蹟保存及都市更新皆為都市計畫工作之一環。然而,古蹟保存活用與都市更新計畫如何能夠相互配合,並因而達到較高的經濟效益,是目前都市保存的一項重要課題。文化園區是一個具指標性的都市再生規劃途徑。以古蹟保存為特質的文化園區之重要潛力在其歷史積澱,因此也常稱為歷史文化園區;其規劃目標是以凸顯歷史過程積累的城市結構與特性、尊重都市紋理與空間秩序、保護古蹟與歷史建築物視覺景觀,以及相關無形文化資產,貢獻於所在城市之永續發展。本研究以台灣地區以歷史特質規劃並實施的文化園區為對象,選擇二至三處進行規劃與實施前後的比較分析。以各園區範圍內的都市空間結構,包含土地使用與產業組成為主,進行調查分析與評估。藉由分析歷史文化園區的規劃目標與實施構想,調查其空間組織與結構變化,探索相關都市空間的發展與轉化,分析目前歷史文化園區空間構成的狀態,並進一步探討歷史文化園區外在形式中所隱含的社會、經濟、文化等發展意義;進而評估歷史文化園區再生之價值。
The historic preservation and urban renew are the work of the city project. However, the historic preservation lives to use how match with mutually with the urban can renew project, and as a result reaches the higher economic benefit, is an important topic that the city keeps currently. The cultural area is the index sign of city rebirth programming path. Take the historic preservation as the important potential of the idiosyncratic cultural park area in its history trace, therefore also often be called the history cultural area;the target of programs with the city structure and characteristic, the respect city veins and space order, the protection historic site and the history building vision view that highlight the history process backlog, and related and invisible cultural property, contribute in the everlasting development of the place city. This research take the history cultural of characteristic programming and implement park area as the object with the Taiwanese region, choosing 2-3 carry on programming to in front and back compare the analysis with implement. The research will use the city space structure of the scope in each area, the containment land the usage constitutes with industry for the lord, carrying on investigating analysis and evaluating.
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