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Title: 河溪生態工程護岸型態比較之研究
A Comparison Study of Bioengineering Streambank Types
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2011
Publisher: 中華民國建築學會
Abstract: 台灣河溪生態環境脆弱,過度使用混凝土工程構造物整治,已嚴重影響河溪環境。本研究目的為:(1)建立河溪生態工程護岸型態影響因子與權重,(2)探討不同專業背景對護岸型態看法異同,(3)針對國內常施用之護岸工程進行效益評估。使用明示結構法建立評估架構,共包含經濟、安全、生態及美學四個決策層面、十二個因子。由專家團體利用層級分析法進行重要性權重分析,並對國內常施行之十四種河溪護岸工法進行評估。結果顯示(1)決策層面以安全最重要,其次為生態、經濟、美學效益權重最低。(2)生態河溪護岸工法適用性評估,以砌石護岸評價最高,其次為漿砌石護岸、混凝土型框填植生護岸;最低三種方式為布袋模毯護岸、木樁捲包護岸、蜂巢圍束網格堆疊護岸。(3)不同專業領域人員僅對漿砌石護岸呈現明顯差異,顯示專業看法具一致性。本研究建構出生態工法護岸型態評估表,輔助從業人員於不同環境功能需求下,決策評選適地適用之護岸工法,以整治改善河溪環境。
Taiwan's river environments are ecologically fragile, excessive practice of concrete construction work for remediation seriously affected riparian zones. The purposes of this study were: (1) to establish factors and importance of River Bioengineering Stream revetment Types, (2) to explore the different views of different professional backgrounds on the types, and (3) to assess benefit of the domestic applications of the river embankment. Interpretive Structure Modeling (ISM) was used to establish framework with economic, security, ecological and aesthetics four dimensions and 12 factors. Then Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) was used to weight the relative importance of each factor. The results showed that (1) security was the most important, followed by ecology, economic and aesthetic benefits; (2)Among the 14 revetment types, pitched stone revetment had the highest overall evaluation, followed by grouted stone revetment, and concrete frame stone infill and vegetated revetment. The lowest scores were blanket revetment, stake and infill roll revetment, and stacked cellular confinement revetment. (3)Different fields of expertise only showed significant differences in grouted stone revetment, indicating a consistent professional opinion. Finally, the study proposed an eco-engineering revetment model appraisal sheet to provide practitioners the capability of evaluating the appropriate construction designs under different environment and functional requirements to decide the location-based revetment constructions.
ISSN: 1016-3212
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0405_01_021
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