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Title: 王功漁港地區遊客重遊意願及再發展之研究
A Study of Tourist Revisit Willingness and Redevelopment in Wang Gong Fishing Port Area
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學地理學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 師大書苑有限公司
Abstract: 自1996年「王功甦醒」文藝季活動打響王功名氣後,王功已成功轉型爲休閒觀光漁港,但近年來遊客量逐漸遞減,如何再發展已成爲觀光永續發展的重點,瞭解遊憩吸引力、遊客滿意度及重遊意願,將有助於再發展方向建議。本研究共調查423有效遊客問卷,結果顯示:(1)王功遊憩吸引力普通,屬地方型遊憩區。(2)景觀資源構面最具遊憩吸引力、消費環境構面之吸引力最低;景觀資源、消費環境和遊憩活動構面對整體遊憩吸引力有顯著正向影響力。(3)停車交通和景觀資源滿意度最高,消費環境和解說指引滿意度較低;景觀資源和解說指引構面對整體遊憩滿意度有顯著正向影響力。(4)整體吸引力、整體滿意度和分項遊憩活動滿意度構面對重遊意願有顯著正向影響力,且滿意度比吸引力對重遊意願影響力較大。(5)遊客遊憩體驗後之滿意度顯著高於體驗前認知。(6)居住中部地區、專程來此、重遊和停留時間較長者之重遊意願較高。總結來說,王功遊憩區雖具有一定遊憩魅力,但地方特色未彰顯,未來宜善用在地資源、增加遊憩機會,改善消費環境、創造美食特色,完善旅遊資訊、行銷王功意象。
Wang Gong has been successfully transformed into a leisure fishing port since it gained its fame for 'Wake up Wang Gong' arts festivals and events in 1996, but in recent years, its tourist amount has gradually reduced. Therefore, how to achieve sustainable tourism redevelopment is the key. To understand recreation attraction, tourist satisfaction and revisit willing will help give suggestions for redevelopment directions. On the basis of 423 valid tourist questionnaires, this study shows: (1) Gong Wang, which has ordinary recreational attraction, is a place-based recreation area. (2) The dimension of the landscape resources is the most attractive recreation while the consumption environmental dimension has the minimum; landscape resources, consumption environment and recreational activities have significant positive influences on overall recreational attraction. (3) Parking traffic and landscape resources have the highest satisfaction, but the consumption environment and guidelines have lower ones; landscape resources and guidelines affect the overall recreational satisfaction positively. (4) The overall attractiveness, overall satisfaction and satisfaction of recreational activities have a significant positive influence on willingness of re-visit and moreover satisfaction affects revisit willingness more. (5) The satisfaction of recreation after experience is significantly higher than the previous cognition before experience. (6) People, who live in central regions, come here expressly, revisit and stay longer, have the higher willingness to revisit. In conclusion, although Wang Gong recreation area has a certain charm of recreation, but does not highlight the local characteristics. This study suggests making a good use of the local resources, increasing recreation opportunities, improving the consumption environment, creating food characteristics, enhancing the tourism information, and achieving a great marketing of Wang Gong images.
ISSN: 1992-5530
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_B0405_01_019
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